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Tend claims launch of first ‘smart cloud’ to enable remote control of robots in.control

Tend says its new in.control platform is the first smart cloud robotics platform for remote control, monitoring and analysis of production lines. 

Tend announced it has introduced the first hardware-agnostic, smart cloud robotics software platform that allows manufacturers to remotely control, monitor and analyze the performance of their robots and production equipment from their mobile devices.

Tend’s in.control – short for “intelligent control” – software has made smart manufacturing simple and accessible for companies of all sizes, allowing them to monitor and control any robot, tending any machine, from any location. 

Through a secure application, in.control allows users to tend to their production lines remotely, from a simple mobile interface.

The solution allows customers to extend the flexibility of their existing automation equipment by enabling their robots to read and respond to human-machine interface screens, perform QA inspections, monitor part status, and more.

Analytic dashboards provide a real-time view into the status of robots, machines and specific jobs – ensuring that plant managers have control and visibility over their production lines at all times.

According to Tend CEO Mark Silliman, Tend in.control takes a unique approach that can leverage basic USB cameras to allow robots to interface visually with machines, without the need for networking or integration.

Silliman says: “The one thing that all industrial machines have in common is that they were designed to interface visually with human beings.

“So while we’re all looking forward to the day when machines can communicate more directly with one other, visual cues provide the best way for us to make those connections today, while creating a path forward to an IIoT reality.”

Tend is introducing in.control at the Automate 2017 show in Chicago, April 3-6. Visit booth #2802 or to learn more.