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Kinema Systems claims ‘world’s first deep learning 3D vision system for industrial robots’

kinema systems

Kinema Systems claims to have launched what it describes as “the world’s first deep learning 3D vision system for industrial robots”. 

A large part of the world’s commerce moves in boxes arranged on pallets. Depalletizing boxes in warehouses, distribution centers and factories is a difficult task that has become more challenging with changing demographics and an increase in product mix.

Kinema Pick is claimed to be the world’s first deep learning 3D vision system for industrial robots, and addresses the depalletization of both mixed SKU and single SKU pallets. 

Kinema Pick integrates the KS1000, a high-resolution 3D/2D sensor with deep-learning and 3D Vision to find and locate boxes on complex pallets.

Kinema says its Pick’s advanced motion planning brings self-driving abilities to industrial robots, making Kinema Pick easy to configure for any workcell layout.

Kinema Pick is robot-agnostic and can be integrated with industrial robots from all the leading vendors. It can also be integrated with different types of vacuum grippers, bringing flexibility in the choice of hardware for varying sizes of pallets and types of boxes.

Kinema Pick achieves high pick rates for mixed SKU pallets, enabling customers to easily keep up with their upstream requirements and providing quick ROI. Easy configuration and setup through a browser-based GUI minimize integration and bring-up time.