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Robotic Vision Technologies to debut collaborative robot vision software at Automate 2017

Integration with Universal Robots’ UR5 robot the first of many planned

Robotic Vision Technologies has completed the software development of its collaborative 3D vision guidance software, which the company calls cVF.

RVT currently has vision software for industrial applications under its eVisionFactory – or eVF –product line-up, and plans to add numerous applications in the collaborative space for all robot brands.

cVF will debut at the Automate Show this week on a Universal Robots’ UR5 controlling an OnRobot RG2 gripper.

Automate is North America’s premier exhibit of trends for the automation industry and for ground-breaking technology, and will be held in Chicago April 3-6 at McCormick Place. 

RVT at Booth 761 at Automate 

The new cVF product will be on display performing several collaborative control functions at the RVT Automate Booth #761.

cVF is particularly applicable to collaborative assembly, pick and place, handling and packaging, says the company.

Steve Baldacci, RVT chief marketing officer, says: “We are delighted to be working with Universal Robots to launch cVF.

“We believe the combination of Universal Robots and cVF will enable impressive results in the sectors for which collaborative applications hold the most promise. As with eVF, cVF does not require programming or coding, which will be particularly helpful to collaborative robot users.”

RVT anticipates early adoption in the electronics, automotive, metal & machining and plastics sectors.

The RVT-developed collaborative vision software has many applications including collaborative assembly, pick and place, handling and gluing. The software is available for license and will be delivered May 1 to users.

Douglas Peterson, general manager of Universal Robots’ Americas Division, welcomes the partnership, which also includes cVF becoming part of the Universal Robots+ platform, an online showroom of products optimized to work flawlessly with UR robots.

Douglas Peterson, says: “We are excited that RVT has chosen to showcase its cutting-edge vision software on a UR robot.

“Our expanding ecosystem of partners that develop plug & play solutions for UR robot arms is a significant market differentiator for us.”

RVT vice president of engineering Paul Weidinger says: “At Automate, RVT will showcase for the first time our unique 3D single camera vision guided robotics solution on the Universal Robot.

“We’ve received great praise in the industry for our accuracy, ease-of-use and high-touch support. Now we are excited to offer these features to the collaborative robot market.

“At our booth, we will have a suite of demonstrations. Palletizing, picking from a conveyor, soldering and assembly – all in 3D with one camera will be performed. This will be the first time the world sees vision of this caliber on a Universal Robot.”

Weidinger adds: “One of our particular strengths in the Industrial market is how flexible our products are for use on all robot types and brands.

“Our collaborative product line-up will be equally flexible, cost effective and reliable. We are proud to launch cVF for all Universal Robot models. We are in development on several user modules for Universal and other robot brands.”

RVT believes it can bring a powerful impact to the emerging field of collaborative robots.

Baldacci says: “We’re anticipating strong demand of our 3D vision guided robotics software for collaborative robot solutions.

“They are designed to combine the power of vision and collaborative robots and can be applied to a variety of applications. It’s a game-changer in the automation world.”

Additionally, on video display will be all 10 of the RVT eVisionFactory products.

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