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universal robots automate show

Universal Robots to showcase expanding ecosystem of solutions at Automate 2017

universal robots automate show

Universal Robots to exhibit what it calls “7th axis capability” at this year’s Automate event. 

The collaborative robots maker will also exhibit new force torque sensors, augmented reality-assisted assembly, and a wide range of other new partner solutions certified to work with UR robots through the Universal Robots+ platform.

Occupying one of the largest booths at Automate 2017 in Chicago, April 3-6, the cobot manufacturer will showcase more than 20 new Universal Robots+ products from 14 different developers. 

The UR+ platform is a new online showroom that takes the trial and error process out of creating a robot application by providing access to products verified to work optimally with UR robots.

From grippers to software, sensors, vision cameras, and accessories, Universal Robots+ not only enables end users to hit the ground running when integrating UR robots, it’s also an un-paralleled collaboration between Universal Robots and the flourishing developer ecosystem.

CTO and co-founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard, says: “What really differentiates us is our focus on growing this network of technology partners to ensure fast and easy deployment of our robot arms. We’re hoping to grow the platform to feature around 100 UR+ solutions by the end of 2017.”

One of the partners currently in the UR+ process is Festo. At Universal Robots’ Automate booth #1245, the company will show a new reliable and cost-effective solution for extending the reach of UR 6-axis robots through a horizontal or vertical 7th axis.

This new solution is based on the Festo electric linear-axis EGC-HD and CMMP-M3 servo-drive with the company’s advanced safety module. The servo-controlled actuators have been seamlessly integrated within UR’s programming environment and are compatible with the full range of UR robots.

Mike DeMange, business development specialist with Festo, says: “This new solution will enable UR customers to bring 7-axis systems to market faster and with less design overhead.

“The partners examined customer needs as well as competitive offerings, and developed an effective and versatile 7-axis system, a solution designed for easy integration without having to learn multiple software platforms.”

Automate is also the launch pad for the new low-cost, multi-axis force torque sensor Axia80 that will debut at the UR booth embedded with a UR5 robot.

Featuring an interactive booth demo, attendees will be able to move a work piece and force the cobot to adjust its path while it maintains a constant force.

Unlike load cells, which only operate on a single axis and measure only push, the Axia80 senses torque and side loads along all six axes.

CEO of ATI, Robert Little, says: “It’s similar to a handshake. The force/torque sensor measures the touch and feel and gives life to robots. It’s a feedback mechanism.

“For factories wanting to get deeper into automation, their cobots can use these sensors to do more of what those human laborers accomplish in terms of dexterity and efficiency.

“Universal Robots’ UR+ platform allows ATI to fully integrate our force/torque sensors with their robots, making it very simple for customers to program force-guided applications.”

To further document how UR+ solutions can work in tandem, a lineup of UR3 robot demos, each equipped with up to five different UR+ products, will also be ready for attendee interaction.

The demos feature UR+ solutions from Millibar, Airgate, SICK, OnRobot, Robotiq, Weiss, OptoForce, Reiku, Schunk, Igus, Roboworld, Afag and Gimatic.

Along with the development of UR+ solutions, Universal Robots is also growing its network of certified system integrators (CSIs).

Kubica, a UR certified systems integrator, will showcase an interactive augmented reality application featuring a UR10 robot assembling a door panel assisted by a Light Guide System from OPS Solutions, an augmented reality tool.

By projecting a digital operating “canvas” directly onto the workspace, LGS combines the best of human intelligence and automation technology to direct the robot and the operator through the required assembly tasks.

Scott Lown, controls engineer with Kubica, says: “We chose to show a door panel build as this is a labor-intensive process prone to human error, which is now significantly reduced by having the UR cobot handle several of the assembly tasks, working in tandem with the operator.

“We found that the UR10 robot has some built-in features that make it the perfect robot to accomplish this task.”

The Universal Robots booth is not the only opportunity for Automate attendees to interact with UR robots. Close to 20 other Automate exhibitors will also be exhibiting the blue cobots at the show.

Østergaard says: “The fact that so many high-profile industry players now choose to feature UR robots in their booth applications is a significant testament to Universal Robots’ versatility and widespread market appeal. I look forward to walking the show floor and seeing our robots everywhere.”

UR robots will be on display in the following Automate/ProMat booths:

Accutech – Booth S-5018: UR5 with a robotic picking solution integrated with an Autofulfillment SPrint Automated bagging system solution, demonstrating End of Line processing & packaging of picked orders in a tote. The system automatically takes items from tote, scans, packs, labels, verifies, & seals for fast & accurate order fulfillment.

ArtiMinds Robotics – Booth 363: UR3 robot with Robotiq gripper 2FG and OptoForce Force/Torque sensor. With live programming of assembly applications, every visitor gets the chance to program the UR robot within a couple of minutes, demonstrating how the ArtiMinds software interface addresses process variances in real-time based on readings from the force-torque sensors, adapting the robot’s motion like a human.

CRG Technologies – Booth 2504: UR5 robot in packaging application, performing a variety of stacking, transfer and loading tasks.

Dorner Manufacturing – Booth 1059: UR5 robot integrated with Dorner’s Precision Move Pallet Systems conveyor demonstrating an assembly automation and product testing application.

Essential Robot Products – Booth 2659: UR5 robot with OptoForce Force/Torque sensor demonstrating an adaptable path force-control application. Using a padded roller, the UR5 robot will adjust the path of the robot to apply consistent force along an un-even path with rising and falling slopes.

The interactive application will allow visitors to put their hands in the path of the roller to demonstrate the robot’s “sense of touch,” using the F/T sensor to adjust the robot travel safely to go over their hand.

Eurosort – Booth S-2026: UR5 robot demonstrating live robotic induction to a EuroSort Bomb Bay Sorter.

Intelligrated – Booth N-1616: UR10 in a robotic goods-to-picker application.

LMI Technologies – Booth 2262: 3D Infotech will showcase a UR3 robot with LMI Technologies’ all-new Gocator 3210 snapshot sensor.

High-quality data is acquired using 3D Infotech’s UR+ enabled Streamline software interface, demonstrating how UR robots make it safe and easy to automate inspection for many applications including automotive, aerospace, castings & forgings, and consumer electronics.

Microscan – Booth 656: UR5 robot with Microscan’s latest MicroHAWK machine vision smart camera platform, demonstrating flexible in-line inspection. The robotic demo features the world’s smallest Ethernet smart camera and is set up in collaboration with Olympus Controls.

OptoForce / OnRobot – Booth 469: Two UR3 robots and one UR10 robot with OptoForce 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor and OnRobot RG2 gripper.

Demos show how the On Robot gripper takes advantage of the internal architecture of the UR robots by simply connecting to the robot’s I/O port. OptoForce equips industrial robots with the sense of touch so that more tasks can be automated.

The application shows adjustable force, speed and widths of gripper with feedback and drop detection provided on the gripped part. UR+ enabled OptoForce Force Torque sensor uses optics instead of strain gages, and provides all six variables for X, Y, Z force and torque easily incorporated into the application program.

The work cell will also demonstrate how UR software provides a hand guide with any or all of the six axes enabled to make programming waypoints and path recording easier than ever.

RightHand Robotics – Booth S-1891: UR5s and UR10s robots as part of a piece-picking solution that can handle a large range of items reliably and at high rates for the e-commerce supply chain industry.

Robotic Vision Technologies – Booth 761: RVT will debut its brand new collaborativeVisionFactory 3D VGR software driving a UR5 robot with an OnRobot RG2 gripper. Demonstrations will highlight the powerful combination of vision and the UR for a variety of applications such as collaborative assembly, pick and place, and gluing.

Robotiq – Booth 1053: Three UR5 robot applications all equipped with UR+ enabled Robotiq Grippers, Wrist Camera and Force Torque Sensor.

A UR5 robot in a machine tending simulation utilizes vision-based part location, an automated vise, and force-based placement of the part. The work cell demonstrates how to improve cycle times in CNC machine tending using two grippers on the same UR arm.

Other applications show UR5s utilizing the Path URCap in dispensing and deburring simulations, showcasing how to program a complex path by hand-guiding the robot instead of teaching hundreds of waypoints. Visitors are encouraged to try the applications themselves.

Schunk –Booth N1421: UR5 robot with electric Schunk gripper CoAct EGP. The work cell demonstrates how a UR 5 can be used for loading and unloading a lathe without the need for fences. The gripper and robot are used to load parts and open and close the machine door.

Soft Robotics – Booth 2244: UR3 robot with Soft Robotics gripper built with UR+ ready Soft Robotics Development Kit. This demonstrates the collaborative pick-and-place of a wide range of objects of varying size, shape and weight, with a single end-of-arm tool and no additional programming.

Tend – Booth 2802: Tend will be displaying a UR5 robot with an attached Chameleon3 USB3 vision camera. Using the in.control™ software platform that Tend is launching at the show, the UR5 will simulate a machine-tending task by reading a touchscreen display and responding according to the text prompt on the screen.

Zimmer Group – Booth 2228: UR10 robot with a Zimmer long-stroke collaborative gripper. The display demonstrates the ease-of-use and programmability in implementing a UR cobot combined with Zimmer line of UR+ ready grippers and UR specific attachment kits.