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Network Monitoring Software: How Does it Work?

softinventive network monitoring software for windows

When we speak of network monitoring, we mean the use of special tools that help the network administrator keep his or her eye on a corporate network.

In fact, the main task of these tools is to find the components in the network that function slowly or have completely stopped performing and send a notification about it to the person in charge.

Of course, network monitoring can be done manually. However, it’s nearly impossible to do this job properly without special tools called software network monitoring tools. 

In this article, we’re going to speak about Total Network Monitor created by Softinventive Lab and explain the way it works on the network.

softinventive nteowrk management software

How Does This Software Work?

Once you’ve decided to use a special program to help you monitor a corporate network, get ready because this process will be a constant one.

The network monitoring software will send a signal or notification – called a ping – to different ports on the network and wait for a response from them.

The main benefit of using a network monitor for Windows and any other OS is that this software is able to check all kinds of protocols – SNMP, POP3, DNS, and so on – including internet protocols.

It’s really handy in case you need to investigate a web server and determine its status. When the task is to investigate the email server, the monitoring program will send a test email to it through SMTP and try to measure the condition of the network and the server it passes through.

In a nutshell, the software network monitor is able to monitor such things as:

• Response time and availability of the objects on the network;
• An uptime of a server; and
• Reliability and consistency of servers and IT equipment.

softinventive nteowrk management software

How Will I Find Out That Something Is Wrong?

One of the main advantages of using network monitoring tools is that you will be immediately informed about the faults and errors that may happen in the network.

For instance, if a software monitoring tool is sending a request to a remote server, but it doesn’t respond; it may cause a situation when a certain part of the network will stop functioning and it may influence the performance of the network in general.

However, if you use a special software to monitor your network, you’ll get an immediate notification via email, jabber, sound signal or other means that something is wrong in the network, and it’s time to fix the problem.

All in all, using special software for network monitoring can really ease the life of a network administrator as it’s able to:

• Provide a user-friendly interface;
• Encompass all popular protocols (including Internet protocols);
• Provide handy and sophisticated Windows probes;
• Feature a convenient notification system; and
• Preserve various monitoring statistics.

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