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Distec and Red Lion Controls host event to demonstrate smart factory technology

distec red lion

Industrial computing specialist Distec is partnering with industrial automation and networking expert Red Lion Controls to host a smart factory day on March 28, 2017.

The event, which will be held at the De Vere Cranage Estate in Cheshire, UK is designed to give plant managers an overview of the benefits of smart factory technology.

The day will feature speakers discussing their experiences using the latest automation technology to build smart factory environments.

Plant managers and engineers can also view live demo kits to get a hands-on experience of the automation technology that’s helping to build the current and next generation of smart factory. Technical staff will also be on hand to answer questions about the technology and its use in factories. 

The concept of the smart factory has become increasingly popular among plant managers in recent years. Developments in industrial networking technology have allowed businesses to improve efficiency and output while minimising downtime and wastage.

By giving plant managers real-time access to the wealth of data generated through day-to-day operation, businesses can gain a much better insight into process efficiency and machine status.

Noel Sheppard, a director of Distec, says: “There is a persistent myth that smart factories and industrial networking inevitably leads to a high capital expenditure.

“Many businesses fear that the transition to a smart factory requires them to overhaul the majority of their legacy systems, which may not be compatible with the latest smart technologies. We want to use this smart factory day to show businesses how they can make the move to a smart factory without incurring the associated costs and downtime.

“On the day, we will demonstrate a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement. Red Lion Controls’ products allow even legacy systems to communicate with each other in a network effectively, regardless of differences in communication protocols. This makes the process of updating equipment more cost-efficient and just as effective.”

Distec is a supplier of a range of specialist industrial equipment. Since 2007, Distec has been an authorised distributor of many Red Lion Controls communication products and visualisation systems to the industrial sector.

Plant managers interested in finding a cost-effective solution to creating a smart factory can learn more about Red Lion Controls’ products by attending the event at the De Vere Cranage Estate in Cheshire on March 28, 2017.