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Wipro joins Industrial Internet Consortium

Wipro has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, the global, member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things.

This membership provides Wipro opportunities to engage and innovate with multi-partner testbeds and adopt best practices to drive digital transformation for customers.

Wipro has significant actitivties in the Internet of Things space, leveraging connected assets for the transformation of enterprise business, services and processes. IoT is a key enabler of Wipro Digital’s transformation strategy for its customers. 

Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro, is an innovation-led, digital transformation provider. Wipro says it has expertise in all stages of the IIoT system-development lifecycle across industry sectors such as:

  • industrial manufacturing;
  • healthcare original equipment manufacturers;
  • retail;
  • oil and gas;
  • utilities; and
  • transportation.

The Industrial Internet Consortium coordinates ecosystem initiatives to securely connect, control and integrate assets and systems of assets with people, processes and data.

It uses common architectures, interoperability and open standards to deliver transformational business and societal outcomes across industries and public infrastructure.

Jayraj Nair, vice president and global head of IoT, Wipro, says: “IoT is an ecosystem play. We strive to deliver genuine business value with robust and scalable industrial IoT solutions that are built in partnership with our ecosystem. IIC facilitates accelerated multi-partner IIoT solution development and enables us to collectively lead this transformation journey for our global clients.”

Dr Richard Soley, executive director, Industrial Internet Consortium, says: “Wipro brings years of experience building distributed and IoT solutions for many industry players. We’re excited to be part of Wipro’s focus on IoT and look forward to Wipro’s participation in our testbed and architecture program.”

Dr Henning Banthien, secretary general, Industry 4.0, says: “We have a robust partnership between Plattform Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet Consortium and look forward to Wipro’s participation in the IIC to enable interoperability between our RAMI4.0 and the IIC Reference architecture. This will accelerate the process of building global solutions for global companies.”