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Igus augments chainflex servo cable offering for machine tool applications

igus chainflex servo cables

Igus has added to its chainflex range with the introduction of chainflex servo cable families developed specifically for machine tool applications.

Machine builders are offered the option of selecting the most cost-effective cable, guaranteed to work reliably based on the required profile of the bend radius, travel distance and speed.

Chainflex cables from the CF27.D series feature a minimum bend radius of only 7.5 times the cable diameter; this makes them particularly well suited for use in tight installation spaces and highly dynamic applications, for example in gantries. 

These servo cables combine a braided structure with optimised pitch lengths and gusset-filled extruded TPE inner jackets, which provides stability for the braiding and guides the braided shield during constant movement.

The CF27.D series is protected by a highly abrasion-resistant, halogen-free, flame-retardant PUR outer jacket and is available in 28 different types.

Igus has extended its well-established CF270.UL.D series, which combines an optimised, bending-resistant overall shield with a halogen-free, highly abrasion-resistant PUR jacket.

With 35 types available from stock, it offers high performance with lower cost. With the CF280.UL.H family, the chainflex product range for machine tools is supplemented by servo hybrid cables.

Igus also offers the CF897 family for short travels on machine tools. This chainflex series is up to 70 percent more cost-effective than comparable cables and combines an optimised stranding and a bending-resistant structure.

The cable is protected with an iguPUR outer jacket, which has been specially developed for use in e-chains in oily environments.

All chainflex cables have been extensively tested in the test lab for moving cables at igus, which has a floor area of 2,750 m² and enables igus to guarantee a high service life that can be predicted online.

Like all chainflex cables, the new options are also cut to the exact length required without incurring additional cutting costs. The cables can also be ordered as ready-harnessed readycable drive cables or as readychain complete systems with the appropriate e-chain, and supplied even from a quantity of one piece.

The 36-month guarantee ensures that the machine builder can find the ideal individual solution tailor-made for the machine.