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mecademic robots desktop

Mecademic showcases ‘world’s smallest, most accurate’ 6-axis robot

mecademic Meca500

A company called Mecademic is showcasing what it claims is the world’s smallest and most accurate six-axis robot. 

The Meca500 is small enough to fit into a briefcase and its makers claim that the tiny robotic arm has a repeatability of just 5 microns, or 5 millionths of a metre.

The Montreal, Canada-based Mecademic was founded by Jonathan Coulombe, who is the CEO. His co-founder was Ilian Bonev (pictured, with one of the company’s tiny robots). 

mecademic robots desktop

The company says its aim is to make the smallest possible robots.

“Our mission at Mecademic is to provide the most space-saving, accurate, and easy to integrate industrial robots that enable new applications, new products, new discoveries, new medical treatments, and more.

“We created a new category in industrial robotics for robots smaller than small, more compact than compact, and more precise than extremely precise.

“We now strive to build a complete line of compact precision robots and become a leading manufacturer of industrial robots.”

Mecademic will be showing off its creation at the MedTech event from February 7th to 9th.