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The new TAL Brabo industrial robot

Tata robotics unit launches new industrial robot

The new TAL Brabo industrial robot
The new TAL Brabo industrial robot

TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors, has launched a new industrial robot.

The compact Brabo 2kg payload range of industrial articulated robot was unveiled at the Imtex 2017 a couple of days ago.

The company says the launch of Brabo heralds a phenomena it calls “robolution”, adding that industrial Rrobotics will take a “quantum leap” with the TAL Brabo expanding its robot line-up to cater to original equipment manufacturers, as well as medium and small enterprises. 

With its focused effort on customer-centricity, TAL says the Brabo is “poised to transform the manufacturing ecosystem in India”.

The new small robot offers all the functionality and expertise of the Brabo range in a much smaller package, helping to simplify industrial manufacturing with improved quality and productivity, says the company.

Its size, combined with its lightweight design, makes the Brabo 2kg a “reliable choice” for generating high production outputs in return for a minimal investment, according to TAL.

TAL Brabo is directed towards change in not only to the OEMs, but also to Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers who can automate their facilities by deploying robots, which will complement the human workforce, by taking over dull, dangerous, repetitive, and dirty jobs.

Amit Bhingurde, chief operations officer, TAL Manufacturing Solutions, says: “Customer-centricity is at the core of TAL Brabo’s operations. it follows the outside-in- perspective to solve the numerous problems of its customers in the manufacturing space.

“Our aim is to strive and deliver best engineered solutions, our vast experience in providing manufacturing solutions and in mechatronics, enables us to offer ingenious engineering solutions especially for the pain points of manufacturers; thereby ensuring a seamless customer service experience.

“By supporting the various industries, we are also expanding our product portfolio which will help more manufacturers realize the benefits available from robotic technology.”

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