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igus compact rotational module

Igus launches ‘extremely compact rotation module’ for tight spaces

igus compact rotational module

System guides energy, data and media safely, without interruption for rotational movements up to 360 degrees, says company

Motion plastics specialist igus has developed an extremely compact rotation module, which revolves around its own axis, even in confined spaces.

As with all rotary energy chain systems from igus, the module can be used to guide different types of media – power, signals, data, fibre-optic, pneumatic or fluids – in parallel without interruption.

Inside the module, cables and hoses are routed together without interruption, thus eliminating the need for expensive and complex rotary unions. 

Rotational movements of ± 180 degrees are possible, with a simple scale marking on the housing to indicated angle.

The main benefit of implementing the module into machines is to increase reliability and minimise unscheduled downtimes.

The new module is delivered by igus as a complete, ready-to-install unit and is easy to assemble. It has a height of only 140 mm and is 120 mm wide on the outer diameter.

Three different inner diameters are offered, depending on the type of cables required, though other diameters will become available.