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Nanotronics partners with Geometric Intelligence on AI for factories


Nanotronics says new partnership with Geometric Intelligence will strengthen its artificial intelligence systems for factories

Nanotronics has extended a licensing agreement to continue to include Geometric Intelligence products and expertise along with its own artificial intelligence software for manufacturing. 

Nanotronics has provided AI tools for factories since 2014, and further developed its artificial intelligence with a view to making “continuous improvements in process control for industry”.

The two companies say they will “strive for provide the greatest convergence of hardware and software solutions on the market” to their semiconductor and materials science customers. 

Nanotronics CEO Dr Matthew Putman, says: “[CEO] Gary Marcus and the Geometric Intelligence AI powered software they created for us have been crucial to our continued dedication to providing state of the art AI to factories.”

The companies say the next industrial revolution will be enabled by a combination of “super-resolution microscopy, additive manufacturing, automation, and artificial intelligence”.

They say the new trend will include batteries, turbines, driverless cars, photovoltaics and other technologies.

“Nanotronics is helping to build the foundation of the future factory,” says the company.

Nanotronics is an Inc 5000 company founded in 2010 by Matthew Putman, PhD and has offices in California, Ohio, and New York. The company is venture backed by Founders Fund, Morgan Stanley, and is a personal investment of Gordon Moore, Jaan Tallinn, and Howard Morgan.

Nanotronics customers include Apple, Western Digital, Broadcom, Avago, ST Micro, IQE, II-VI, Soraa, Applied Optoelectronics, and others. All Nanotronics products are designed and manufactured in California.