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Sarcos Robotics exoskeleton

Sarcos Robotics raises $25 million in funding from the likes of Microsoft and General Electric

Startup company Sarcos Robotics has raised another $15.625 million in financing, bringing its total funding to $25 million.

The company’s investors include Caterpillar, Microsoft and GE Ventures.

Sarcos is developing an exoskeleton which the company describes as a “dexterous robotic system for unstructured environments”. 

In a similar story, a company in South Korea has been demonstrating a truly monstrous exoskeleton reminiscent of those seen in films such as Aliens, and Matrix: Revolutions.

The gigantic metal suit – which is designed to encase a human operator, although that may not be necessary in future – measures 13 ft high, weighs in at 1.6 tons, and looks like something out of a Transformers movie.

Movies such as Pacific Rim also come to mind.

The company which built the colossal contraption is Hankook Mirae, which has called its creation Method v2 (pictured below).

hankook mirae method v2
The Hankook Mirae Method v2 exoskeleton