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tata elxsi auto tech

Tata Elxsi showcases advanced Automotive technology solutions at CES 2017

tata elxsi auto tech

Tata Elxsi will be unveiling its latest automotive technology solutions driven by emerging industry requirements for cyber-security, safety, comfort and user experience at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The company will be at CES 2017, booth number 6223, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology services company and a leader for automotive electronics and software engineering services, is showcasing key solutions addressing Autonomous Vehicle, Connected Infotainment, Automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence at CES 2017. 

Key solutions being showcased at CES 2017 include:

Autonomous vehicle and ADAS 

Autonomai: Tata Elxsi’s advanced autonomous vehicle middleware platform, with deep learning and AI capabilities, is designed to help OEMs and system suppliers build, test and deploy customizable autonomous vehicle applications.

Autonomai’s modular architecture comprises of perception, guidance navigation and control and drive-by-wire systems.

It includes algorithms for key aspects such as lane, vehicle and pedestrian detection, path planning, sensor fusion, object tracking, GPS/INS-based vehicle state estimation, 3D mapping and localization.

Autonomai supports integration of a combination of sensor technologies such as LiDar, radar, ultrasonic sensors and Mono/Stereo cameras to suit customer requirements.

It comes pre-integrated with extensive validation datasets, and support for AI and deep learning to enable the autonomous vehicles of the future.

Technologies for connected car 

e-cockpit is Tata Elxsi’s connected cockpit software solution that integrates instrument cluster, head unit, heads up display and ADAS on a single system-on-chip, driving ECU consolidation while supporting advanced features such as fast boot, 3D animated dials and support for a wide set of HMI tools including QT, GL Studio and Kanzi.

This solution uses hypervisor to allow separation of critical and non-critical functions, and integrates ASIL-B compliant functionality for key vehicle information and ADAS applications.

The connected car showcase also includes Genivi 10.0 compliant infotainment architecture with enhanced cyber-security and OTA capability, and telematics and IoT related engineering and services for vehicle health management and value-added services.

Tata Elxsi’s V2X Emulator provides real-time emulation of both car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure scenarios for real-time traffic and wireless channel conditions.

The tool emulates multiple on-board and roadside units, allowing OEMs and suppliers to extensively test and validate their ECUs and systems in a lab environment, which would otherwise be very difficult, expensive, and unsafe to recreate in road testing.

Test automation

Tata Elxsi is showcasing a full suite of test automation solutions for IVI and ADAS.

AutomaTE is Tata Elxsi’s advanced vision based test framework for fully automated HMI validation for instrument cluster and infotainment units.

Vedas is a comprehensive, powerful ADAS Hils test system design for validation of ADAS functions that involve sensors such as radar, ultrasonic and imaging cameras.


Developed in collaboration with a world-leading German OEM, Tata Elxsi is showcasing its “industry-first” Autostar 4.2.x tool chain running on Linux and Windows operating systems.

This comprehensive Autostar tool chain supports System Design, Network Modelling, SWC Generation, BSW, RTE configuration and code generation for Autostar version 4.2.