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Cleaning robots: Everybot ready for messy jobs

There’s quite a few robotic floor cleaning devices already on the market, but there’s plenty of room for more. 

While the companies currently supplying robotic mops and vacuum cleaners have made a lot of money with them, the market is far from crowded.

The main reason for this is the price of robotic cleaning machines have actually been very high, especially if you go for the iRobot or Dyson models. 

everybot cleaning robot
Everybot is equipped with smart sensors that can detect obstacles and avoid falls, and stay away from cliffs and corners

Cheaper cleaning robots are around, but the main problem is that people are not yet buying them in large enough numbers to overtake “traditional” – or non-robotic – cleaning gadgets.

Now, a new company has raised enough to launch its own attempt at getting a share of what could probably be massive market.

Everybot, which is now on IndieGoGo, is selling – or offering early-bird tickets – for between $200 and $400 depending on the number and variation of products.

The makers, who have won awards for their creation, say Everybot RS500 is “the world’s first dual-spin mop robot cleaner and polisher”.

The device features a dual-spin mop, with the built-in motor achieving 5,700 rpm.

“Everybot is able to completely remove even the finest dust and leave your floors sparkling clean!” claim the makers.

Everybot CEO Woochul Chung says other cleaning robots are expensive and don’t work as well as her company’s new machine.

Chung says: “I have been developing the robot, and the consumers were very interested in the first generation everyday use robot. However, the reality of the robot cleaners was that they could not properly clean because there were obstacles in the way and the consumers were dissatisfied about the high price.”

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