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Hannover Messe chooses Robotics and Automation News as media partner

hannover messe 2017

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Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade show for the industrial sector, has chosen Robotics and Automation News as a media partner. 

The decision follows on from last year’s collaboration between and CeMAT, the logistics industry exhibition organised by the same events company.

This year, both CeMAT and Hannover Messe will be combined into one gigantic event, and Robotics and Automation News will be there to cover all the major developments. 

The theme for this year’s Hannover Messe is “Integrated Industry – Creating Value”, which refers to the huge growth in internet connectivity in all sectors, particularly in manufacturing and logistics.

The organisers are also emphasising the growing importance of energy-efficiency, highlighting research by the German Energy Agency which suggests energy costs have “quadrupled since 2000”.

As well as the cost considerations, industrial companies also have to abide by the increasingly demanding regulations set by the European Union and other governmental bodies around the world, most of which are encouraging greater energy-efficiency and greater utilisation of renewable energy.

Hannover Messe will take place in Germany on 24-28 April, 2017.