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DataRobot surpass 110 million predictive models


DataRobot customers have surpassed 110 million predictive models using enterprise machine learning platform

Machine learning and data science startup, DataRobot, says its customers have developed more than 110 million models using the SaaS version of the DataRobot automated machine learning platform.

The company says it serves as validation of the company’s mission to “bring automated machine learning to every corner of the enterprise” and made the announcement at the Strata + Hadoop World session, Data Science for Executives, delivered by DataRobot CEO and co-founder, Jeremy Achin.

Enterprises across every industry are embracing machine learning to remain competitive in today’s data-driven world. By allowing more professionals across an organization to use advanced algorithms to derive insights from data, machine learning is helping to alleviate issues caused by a critical shortage of data scientists.

The DataRobot enterprise platform significantly eases the computational and programmatic requirements of machine learning to give data scientists and non-data scientists alike the automation, intelligence and intuitive interface to produce and implement accurate predictive models at scale.

Having surpassed the 110 million model milestone, DataRobot is actively driving return on investment for forward-thinking organizations.

Achin says: “To truly democratize data science, machine learning needs to become pervasive throughout an organization, making advanced analytics accessible to the widest audience possible.

“Reaching this milestone proves the usability and accessibility of the DataRobot platform to business and data professionals alike.”