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delta DRV90L

Chinese company Delta launches new industrial robot

Delta has unveiled the latest version of its articulated industrial robot.

The Chinese company says its DRV90L / DRV 70L series can be “perfectly integrated with AC motor drives, motion control systems, sensors, machine vision systems, advanced host controllers and more, to construct high-end automation machines and systems”.

Delta’s senior vice-president, Simon Chang, says: “Our articulated robot solutions are already applied at our factory in China and have proven to enhance productivity and product quality. 

delta DRV90L
The Delta DRV90L robot

“In addition, the new monitoring software provides visualization, remote-monitoring and high efficiency for factory management. Delta is ready for the future of smart, green factories and flexible manufacturing.”

Delta Chairman Yancey Hai says: “A smart factory with high efficiency, low cost, and low energy consumption has become the goal for all manufacturers. Delta, with our advantages in innovation, energy savings, and green technology, brings a driving force to the development of smart industry and green manufacturing.

“For example, following the debut of our in-house SCARA robot at last year’s CIIF, we are introducing three more industrial robot solutions. The articulated robot DRV90L Series, in particular, achieves multi-angle insertion, providing high flexibility, precision, and speed.”