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Trust Automation adds ‘revolutionary capture technology’ to robotic aircraft


Trust Automation says it has provided critical engineering support in the development of the recovery system for Zipline International’s medical delivery drones.

Trust Automation is a provider of standard and custom motors and controls as well as support system solutions.

Trust Automation says it was instrumental in taking a concept provided by Zipline from drawing board design to operational reality.

The Zipline system flies lifesaving and critical medical supplies to remote and inaccessible areas. Zipline recently began official routine and national scale deliveries of blood to health facilities in Rwanda.

Ty Safreno, CEO and CTO of Trust Automation, says: “Trust Automation contributed to the Zipline drone technology by creating a small footprint capture/recovery solution required to make this program operable in locations where runways are not practical.

“In the technological world we live in today it is unacceptable to know that lives are lost because communities have zero access to critical medical supplies. Being part of a project that saves thousands of lives on a global scale is an honor and driving inspiration for us.”

Keenan Wyrobek, CTO of Zipline International, says: “We thank Trust Automation for their contributions to the success of Zipline’s lifesaving medical supply deliveries.”

Zipline’s goal in Rwanda is to put each of the country’s 11 million citizens within a 15- to 35-minute delivery of any essential medical product. Zipline makes it possible and affordable for drones to make lifesaving deliveries, transforming the way we provide medical care across the world.