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Tech-Link partners with Blue Ocean Robotics on atmosphere disinfection system

Tech-Link Engineering has formed a strategic partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics to offer an ultra-violet disinfection robot solution.

The partnership affirms both Tech-Link and Blue Ocean Robotics’ efforts in delivering emerging technologies to battle against Hospital Acquired Infections and improve the quality of healthcare services.

As an official sales partner, Tech-Link says it brings together Blue Ocean Robotics’ expertise in automating disinfection procedures to promote safer, efficient and more productive work environment. 

The director of Singapore company Tech-Link healthcare systems, Tan Hock Seng, says: “Tech-Link looks forward to developing reliable healthcare solutions with hardware and latest technologies from Blue Ocean Robotics for our customers in Singapore and abroad.

“Our similar beliefs in the Blue Ocean strategy synergise the collaboration to improve the quality of healthcare services through robotics.”

Claus Risager, Co-CEO of Danish company Blue Ocean Robotics, says: “We are very excited about our new sales partner Tech-Link Healthcare Systems, since it is of great importance for Blue Ocean Robotics to expand our sales of new technologies beyond Denmark’s borders. Blue Ocean Robotics focuses on creating new markets for robots.

“This includes both the development of new technologies and the creation of a new markets for revolutionary robot solutions.

“We welcome Tech-Link Healthcare Systems with open arms and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the years ahead.”