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Infineon launches what it claims is the first-of-its-kind online engineering prototype design application


Infineon Technologies has launched the first online prototyping engine combining analog and digital simulation functionalities in an internet application.

Infineon Designer requires a web browser only, and the company says it is “a perfect match for supporting customers in selecting the right product for a defined application”.

Infineon Designer works intuitively in a very short time, and neither installation nor licenses are needed, according to the company. 

Infineon Designer features a wealth of application circuits in the domain of Industrial Power, Lighting, Motor Control and Mobile/RF frontend design.

It enables analog/digital co-simulation of the 32-bit XMC1000 industrial microcontroller ARM Cortex-M0 series, using the free-of-charge code generation platform Dave.

Infineon Designer aims at making the transition from idea to functional system as smooth and fast as possible.

It allows for prototyping a “soft evaluation board” with all functional parameters. In an early stage, hardware for testing and iterations can be saved.

The prototyping tool is based on the easy-to-use TinaCloud environment from DesignSoft, who partnered with Infineon in this project. TinaCloud is the online version of the TINA circuit simulation software running on multiple platforms such as PC, laptop, mobile, and tablets.

Analog circuits are modeled in Spice and can be co-simulated with digital systems using hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog or C language. For a greater market penetration, the frontend supports multiple languages.

Infineon Designer can be accessed at online by November 8, 2016. At electronica 2016, Infineon will demonstrate the functionality of the prototyping engine with Arduino shields for lighting and motor control applications and compare the results with real hardware. The demonstration will form part of the “Maker’s corner”.