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Omron to showcase 16,000 factory automation products


One of the world’s leading robotics and automation systems manufacturers, Omron, says it will introduce a total of 15,583 models in seven categories in its second wave of factory automation control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications.

Omron says it has been continuing to work for the innovation of making control panels which house and control factory automation devices on the production front line.

The company unified the design and size of factory automation devices, and introduced products in April 2016 which are built with the company’s proprietary wiring technology “Push-In Plus Terminal Block” for device and control panel makers in need of “downsizing and space-saving” of factory automation devices and control panels, “expedited delivery”, and “response to globalization”. 

The models and products have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 3,000 global companies and received high evaluation.

The expansion of the factory automation devices built on the unified design platform will have a great combined effect achieved by providing a wide variety of devices. Omron says it aims at innovating control panels for customers.

In particular, Omron applied the common platform to A22N-P/A30N-P Pushbutton Switches, M22N-P Indicators, and KM-N3 Power Monitors which are factory automation devices mounted on the front of control panels, P7SA-PU Sockets for Relays with Forcibly Guided Contacts and NX1P Machine Automation Controllers which are safety components. Also, the 240-/480-W models of S8VK-S, the world’s smallest class of Switch Mode Power Supplies, are made under the common platform as well.

Omron is working on the innovation of manufacturing on the front line of production by the “3-i” automation in the “integrated”, “intelligent” and “interactive” spheres.

Omron says it currently has the most comprehensive automation product portfolio in the world that spans the spectrum of ILO+S – input, logic, output+safety – and robotics, providing the foundation for the innovation of manufacturing by the 3-i automation.

With a wide range of factory automation devices with the unified design platform, Omron will continue to work with manufacturers for the innovation of manufacturing by meeting a variety of challenges in manufacturing control panels.