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Boulting claims to be one of the ‘guardians of industrial networks galaxy’


Boulting Technology has launched what it says is a comprehensive and dedicated industrial network service, which includes consultancy, feasibility testing, network design, implementation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Boulting Technology specialises in performance-driven, secure, customised industrial network solutions in the operation technology space that facilitate migration from legacy systems and seamless integration into the IT space.

Boulting claims to be one of the guardians of industrial networks galaxy, adding that it has a strong portfolio of industrial network solutions projects in the utilities, transport and manufacturing sectors, which has delivered innovative, customer-led, business enabling solutions for over 10 years. 

The company says it has a constant drive for efficiency, increased productivity, security and innovation and through a determination to deliver engineering excellence, and is able to develop the appropriate technical solution to address business challenges, usually in challenging environments.

Due to the difficult nature of industrial environments and the high cost of failure or downtime, Boulting Technology’s industrial network solutions are custom-made to meet demanding and unique environmental and performance requirements.

The industrial network specialist offers an end-to-end service by becoming involved in projects as early as possible to help customers foresee and overcome potential hurdles.

Once a project is completed, Boulting Technology continues to offer support and maintenance services, effectively becoming the custodians of the industrial network and coordinating any changes, upgrades or contracting work. This ensures the security and reliability of the network.

Robin Whitehead, strategic projects director of Boulting Technology, says: “The convergence between operational technology and information technology has meant a significant change for industrial environments.

“Connecting industrial equipment with enterprise business applications is becoming the norm in many industry sectors, but companies can’t achieve seamless integration to open communication platforms without clear objectives relating to network performance, security, segregation, interoperability and migration impact.

“To address this growing industry need, Boulting Technology has launched its industrial network service, which helps companies realise the benefits of industrial automation and interconnectivity, without compromising on costs, security or usability.”

Boulting Technology is a leading supplier of systems integration, low voltage motor control centres – including the Boulting Power Centre – control panels and industrial network solutions.

The company’s technical expertise and industry knowledge allows it to provide the most effective, efficient and safe solution, while minimising whole life costs for the customer.