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Yaskawa Motoman reveals MotoSight 3D CanonVision, says it can sort out random parts


Yaskawa Motoman has launched MotoSight 3D CanonVision which it says provides single-step recognition, picking of randomly placed parts. 

The robot-manufacturing giant says its MotoSight 3D CanonVision is an easy-to-use hardware-and-software solution that utilizes a single 3D machine vision head to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly placed in bins.

Plus, 3D CAD matching provides simplified, accurate part registration, allowing even complicated parts to be identified. 


MotoSight 3D CanonVision utilizes a high-performance Canon camera, which uses projected light patterns to locate the parts. Lighting is integrated as part of the camera unit, eliminating the need for additional lighting.

Single-step recognition reduces the need for multiple cameras. Many 3D vision solutions use a two-step recognition technology, which means it first must find the location of the part in a bin via a 3D area sensor and then pick the part.

Once picked, a second 2D recognition step is required to detect the orientation of the part for processing.

MotoSight 3D CanonVision accomplishes both with just one recognition step. Once the part is recognized through 3D CAD matching, the location and orientation data is transferred to the robot controller via Ethernet.

This single step recognition eliminates the need for complicated programming of parts and can greatly reduce cycle times.

In addition to improving throughput and accuracy, MotoSight 3D CanonVision can lower overall manufacturing costs for bin picking applications.

This complete solution includes interface software for easy integration with Yaskawa robots, rack-mounted graphics workstation, calibration target, automatic bin locator and empty bin detection. Up to 200 part models are supported.

Three camera models are available to cover a range of part and bin sizes.