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tata elxsi

Tata claims its AI system monitors hundreds of TV channels simultaneously in realtime

tata elxsi

Tata Elxsi, a software division of the industrial giant Tata, says it has developed an integrated test automation and monitoring system which now incorporates artificial intelligence. 

The company adds that FalconEye 2.0 suite for test, workflow and monitoring automation now includes “a host of new and industry-first features”.

This includes a new artificial intelligence engine, focusing on improving the test coverage and optimizing stability testing scenarios.

One of the things it can do is simultaneously test and monitor hundreds of television channels in realtime. 

Coupled with patent pending technology and an integrated development environment, the company says FalconEye enables operators drive further reduction of up to 20 per cent of automation scripting effort.

It adds that FalconEye CPE is among the first in the market to support R4FCE/Bluetooth, addressing the needs of the point anywhere remote based CPEs, as well as 4K video resolution for UHD content.

FalconEye Multiscreen addresses the need for OTT and multiscreen testing in today’s trending usage of TV anywhere and everywhere.

With FalconEye Multiscreen, Tata Elxsi also offers OTT Test Lab-as-a-Service that combines the option of setting up a remote lab for OTT/IPTV and other mobile applications that need to be tested on a few hundred devices for every release, along with offshore engineering and testing teams to deliver seamless test automation services at significantly lowered costs.

FalconEye Diagnostics is the service center workflow integrated with diagnostics, to help MSOs, OEMs and repair centers address the efficiency and cost needs of STB reverse logistics.

FalconEye Monitoring is a product that is already trusted for automating 24×7, live monitoring of hundreds of TV channels for quality defects as perceived by the human eye.

Using highly intelligent vision algorithms at its core, the tool can provide instant alerts via email/SMS in case of quality issues at customer premises, for millions of OTT nodes or set top boxes that are connected to the cloud.

Nagu Gopalakrishnan, product manager video and OTT solutions, Tata Elxsi, says: “Automation needs across testing, workflow and monitoring in the broadcast industry is at a peak never seen before. With the advent of a variety of screens, platforms and communication technologies, the complexity of automation has scaled up exponentially.

“Falcon Eye’s AI based powerful automatic test script selection and generation is the future of automation that exactly addresses the intelligence needed for operators and content owners.”