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Tag Team Manufacturing says using Rethink Robotics machines has improved performance by 25 per cent

Tag Team Manufacturing, a specialist in precision production runs and prototype work for original equipment manufacturers, says deploying Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer for large production jobs at its facility in Parker, Colorado, has led to significant improvements in its productivity.

Tag Team uses Sawyer in an effort to help decrease client costs while shortening the delivery times to market. Sawyer enabled Tag Team to work 24 hours per day, seven days per week to meet the condensed delivery window that otherwise would have required an addition of five machinists in a very tight labor market.

Within weeks of deployment, Sawyer bolstered Tag Team’s production figures by 25 percent, says the company. Sawyer operates a Tag Team computer numerical control (CNC) mill, constantly executing replicable tasks. 

rethink robotics sawyer

Through the use of the robot, Tag Team says it is able to improve safety, minimize human error and execute tasks requiring 0.1 mm of tolerance. By deploying Sawyer on the CNC mill, Tag Team has been able to reallocate staff resources to higher level cognitive tasks.

Tag Team is renowned for employing cutting edge technology to deliver quality products and services that address its clients’ needs.

Terry Taggart, CEO at Tag Team, says: “As a result of manufacturing our own product line, we have developed a powerful understanding of what our clients require.

“Continuous innovation is a way of life at our company, and Sawyer is helping us forward that initiative, while meeting large scale production needs within a rapid delivery window.”

Tag Team is a family owned precision manufacturing company, operating out of its current headquarters for nearly 30 years.

It specializes in precision production runs and prototype work for OEMs, addressing the needs of customers in industries such as aerospace and medical device equipment, producing products made from a variety of materials.

Tag Team also manufactures components for OEMs in the computer storage, drone, robotics, photonics, bicycle, musical instrument and billiard industries.

Jim Lawton, chief product and marketing officer at Rethink Robotics, says: “Consistent, repeatable world-class quality is an objective that manufacturers like Tag Team are always striving to achieve.

“Using smart, collaborative robots like Sawyer helps companies maintain unparalleled quality by meeting increasingly challenging demands of customers from a speed of delivery perspective. With a robot performing precision tasks, manufacturers like Tag Team are able to meet rapid delivery windows without sacrificing quality or safety.”