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Industrial internet: Infineon wins new converts to its IoT and smart factory solutions


Infineon has been busy welcoming new converts to its chip and systems technologies, with two new deals done in recent days. 

In one deal, EScrypt and GlobalSign have decided to join the Infineon Partner Network to develop smart factory solutions.

In the other, Infineon has reached a partnership agreement with Moncana on its “Security of Things” platform. 

Infineon says EScrypt Embedded Security and GlobalSign both offer dedicated security solutions for Industry 4.0 applications based on Optiga Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) from Infineon.

The company says its Infineon Security Partner Network is a group of leading security players who offer hardware-based security to IoT device manufacturers and service providers.

Industry 4.0 – also referred to as industrial internet – combines embedded system technologies with smart processes to raise overall production efficiency.

At its core are smart factories connecting industry and production value chains. They must be protected adequately, as security breaches could lead to espionage and theft of intellectual property or cause massive production downtimes.

Infineon says GlobalSign’s Identity and Security Solution allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to embed robust device integrity and authentication features into their devices. The provisioning of the devices during the manufacturing stage is integrated with a cloud-based or on-premise hosting service.

The crypto co-processor safely stores a private key, allowing users to identify the origin of the device and prevent counterfeit products from connecting to their system. Once in operation, a secured connection can be established with a company’s system using the certificate and private key on the device.

Meanwhile in the other deal, Infineon and Mocana say they are taking IoT security to “the next level”.

Under the deal, embedded systems security specialist Mocana will integrate support for the Infineon Optiga TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security controller as a standard feature into its latest Security of Things Platform.

Developers who choose Mocana’s platform for smart factories, infrastructure, automotive and other security-critical IoT designs can now quickly and easily integrate hardware protection into their devices. In addition, millions of IoT devices that already incorporate Optiga TPMs from market leader Infineon could benefit from the advanced security features offered by the Mocana software platform.

The Mocana Security of Things Platform secures manifold aspects of connected devices through a comprehensive collection of services such as pre-boot verification, certificate management, cryptographic engines, secured data transport and secured firmware updates. The platform with integrated support for the Optiga TPM family will be available in Q4 2016.

Optiga TPMs are standalone security controllers based on the international standards of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). TPMs protect integrity and authenticity of embedded systems by implementing advanced cryptographic algorithms in hardware.

These established devices have been used successfully to provide security in PCs for over 15 years and are increasingly included into different embedded systems. A TPM can be thought of as a “safe” within the system as it is capable of resisting both logical and physical attacks.

Dean Weber, CTO at Mocana, says: “We are very excited to announce that Mocana’s software is compatible with Infineon’s OPTIGA TPM 1.2 chips.

“We believe this technology will advance Mocana further as a leader in the embedded security space, being one of the few companies that offer security down to the root of trust, which ensures that IP connected devices and the data they provide can be safe and trusted.”

Joerg Borchert, vice president of the chip card and security division at Infineon Technologies Americas, says: “Developers can rely on solutions with Infineon’s proven hardware and Mocana’s established software.

“Thus, they can quickly and easily bring to market products and systems that provide the highly advanced levels of protection that these applications demand”.

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