Octopuz releases new version of industrial robot programming software

Octopuz has released the latest version of its industrial robot programming and simulation software. 

The company says Octopuz 1.7 is packed with new features and enhancements, including robot code importing, NC code importing, an all-new tool manager, and URP program generation for UR robots.

Octopuz has also added something called SmartPath, which provides automated methods of orientating the robot and making changes to solve conflicts.  Continue reading Octopuz releases new version of industrial robot programming software

What type of users require VPN services?

Everyone who wishes to protect own identity, location and personal data should carefully think about addressing reliable VPN provider and make everything possible to ensure online safety at home and in the office.

Safe online environment is a must for users who fit the following categories:

  • often make online payments. Online payments services have a lot of sensible data and may have a leakage due to poorly protected networks. Travellers use such services on daily basis and rely on e-wallets greatly, therefore, may be left without access to their money in a foreign country due to hacker’s activity;
  • visitors of public places who love to use free Wi-Fi. Hackers enjoy attending such places as well – here there are a lot of easy targets – students, travellers. Most of them are using smartphone and providing thieves with credit cards numbers, passwords, access to private chats and correspondence. Any smartphone will automatically connect to public network and allows snoopers to monitor users’ online activity. It is hard to avoid such places with free Wi-Fi – business centres, airports, hotels, restaurants all have available Internet access;
  • cloud users also risking to lose all data stored in there; and
  • torrents also can lead to IP address leakage, as well as infected with malware.

Apart from these obvious benefits, here are other advantages of using VPN protection:

  1. Afraid of missing favourite game or show while traveling? After choosing one of the best VPNs every client is allowed access to popular streaming content as Netflix, Spotify and many more. It is known that numerous countries block such websites as well as social networks. Moreover, online activity can be closely monitored;
  2. Using VPN apps it is much safer to use public Wi-Fi; and
  3. Another benefit for travellers, foreign students or anyone who has friends or relatives abroad – saving money on VOIP calls by changing the country of the call making it domestic.

best vpn 1

Main objective of every VPN service

VPN service is invaluable when working remotely as allows safe access to another network as well as when want to protect personal online environment.

The first thing this software hides is client’s IP address and this feature is crucial as every app we use and website we visit reads user’s IP and gets a lot of information such as approximate location, internet provider, used browser and operating system and many more.

In case user has unencrypted connection any information can be intercepted: personal correspondence, chats, shared files, banking details, corporate documentation and more.

In order to create safe working environment, VPN is tunnelling all clients’ activities and creates encrypted connection between any user’s device and the VPN server. Various types of security protocols are used to ensure highest level of protection and maintaining online privacy.

best vpn 2

Prices for these services are affordable and there is no need to postpone such important decision.


TheConstructSim launches beta of its IDE for ROS


The Construct has launched a beta version of its integrated development environment. 

The company says users of the IDE don’t need to code, and can develop Robot Operating System programs “graphically”.

TheConstructSim.com is an online robot simulation environment in which users can develop and test their systems.

Market for agricultural robots and drones to grow to $10 billion, says report


The market for robots and drones in the agricultural sector is predicted to grow to $10 billion by 2022, according to a new study. 

The report by IDTechEx Research, Agricultural Robots and Drones 2016-2026: Technologies, Markets and Players, says there is already a $3 billion market in 2016, and will rise to $10 billion by 2022.

Some of the promising technologies that are available to help farmers increase yield without negative environmental factors, are to be discussed at a NIAB and Agri-Tech East event – Innovations for Sustainable Intensification, on 14 September in Cambridge, UK.  Continue reading Market for agricultural robots and drones to grow to $10 billion, says report

Stratasys to launch universal design-to-3D print application

stratasys grabcad 3d print

Stratasys, a maker of 3D printers, has embarked on an ambitious plan to become more of a software company by launching a design application built using open source standards

Stratasys says GrabCAD Print is built on a proven, cloud-based SaaS platform and a “new business intelligence environment”, which will make designing and making 3D printing “easier, more intuitive and readily accessible”. 

Stratasys is known as 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company – it’s a hardware company. But the new software strategy is designed to make 3D printing significantly easier, more intuitive and highly accessible – which, in turn, will expand the company’s market into the software sector.

Stratasys’ application is powered by a new, open architecture “design-to-3D print” workflow application, GrabCAD Print – residing on the popular GrabCAD SaaS platform and supported by a community of more than 3 million designers, engineers and students.  Continue reading Stratasys to launch universal design-to-3D print application

SSL developing robotic sample handling assembly for NASA Mars 2020 Project

ssl mars-surface

Space Systems Loral (SSL) says it will design and build a robotic Sample Handling Assembly (SHA) for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) through MDA US Systems, a division of MDA, managed by SSL.

The arm will be used on a rover vehicle exploring Mars to process and store samples acquired from the planet’s surface.

“Our space-proven technology positions SSL well to help support JPL’s robotic space exploration activities,” said Nick Zello, director, emerging markets operations.

“As an industry partner we bring cost-effective solutions and a highly responsive and flexible environment to assist NASA in its mission to bring the world new insights and discoveries.” Continue reading SSL developing robotic sample handling assembly for NASA Mars 2020 Project

TRL opens smart mobility research lab in London

trl smart mobility living lab @ greenwich
TRL has created real world test environment for connected and automated vehicles in Greenwich

UK-based transportation technology consultancy, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), has launched what it calls the “UK Smart Mobility Living Lab @ Greenwich”, a real-life environment where connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), services and processes can be developed, evaluated and integrated within the local community.

Based in Greenwich, London and supported by UK government, the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab @ Greenwich helps organisations bring solutions to market faster by enabling them to be trialled and validated in a real-life environment.

Vehicle manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and tech developers can use the lab to assist with research and development, concept testing and validation, launching new technology or services, and understanding how new technology is perceived in a real world environment. Continue reading TRL opens smart mobility research lab in London