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Robotics and Automation Industry Thought Leaders 1 

robotics and automation industry thought leaders

Exclusive interviews inside the book… 

Jane Zavalishina, CEO, Yandex Data Factory
If AI Ruled the World
Some people say artificial intelligence will eventually take over the world, and make humans obsolete and useless in large parts of society, starting with firing us from all employment – low-skilled or high. Others say it’s already happened – that AI rules the world…

Minoru Usui, president, Seiko Epson
We Are Living in ‘Extremely Transformative’ Times
When you want to talk to someone about robotics and automation, especially in an industrial context, who better to talk to than an expert from Japan? Not wishing to compound any stereotypes, the “land of the rising sun” has shown itself to be an early adopter of many, possibly all, advanced technologies for many decades now…

Saagar Govil, chairman and CEO, Cemtrex
Electrifying New Markets
A lot’s happened since this website was introduced to Cemtrex a few weeks ago. The company’s been on a gigantic spending spree, buying up companies and restructuring its business for new markets as though it were in a hurry to get somewhere fast…

Arun Srinivasan, senior vice-president, Bosch
‘Bish, Bash, Bosch’
It’s a small word. Bosch. Associated with so many things, most famously “bish bash bosch”. A meaningless phrase really, but according to the Urban Dictionary, it’s “used to describe the efficiency of a process you have just explained, often used if there are three steps to the process”…

Alan Norbury, industrial central technology officer, Siemens UK
From Art To Science
German industrial giant Siemens employs approximately 15,000 people at around 30 locations across the UK. Globally, it employs around 350,000 and has annual revenues of more than €75 billion. It is said to be the largest engineering company in Europe. It’s also claimed to employ more computer programmers than does Microsoft…

Scott Mabie, general manager, Americas division, Universal Robots
Astronomical Growth
Industrial robots have always been somewhat captivating to watch because of their precision of movement, but their sheer size and power exudes an air of ominous foreboding, which is why the vast majority have always been caged off, kept away from their human counterparts at factories, where they were mostly to be found…

Olivier Grenier-Lafond, sales and marketing co-ordinator, Robotiq
Tools of the Trade
Industrial robots have been around for such a long time, and have captured the imagination in such a way, that it would be easy to think…

Robotics and Automation Industry Thought Leaders 2 


Exclusive interviews inside the book… 

The IoT with Chinese characteristics
Erik Walenza-Slabe, CEO of IoT One
Apparently, we are all either living in the Age of Industry 4.0 already, or we are entering it. And one of the main features of this age is a relatively new connectivity technology called the “internet of things”, often abbreviated to IoT.

No trivial matter
Professor Alois Knoll, co-ordinator of the 
Professor Alois Knoll, one of the most influential roboticists in Europe, is currently the co-ordinator of the European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development, and one of the key scientists involved in the $1.5 billion-dollar Human Brain Project. In this interview he gives his views of the state of robotics today.

Japanese AIs
Dr Masayuki Morikawa, vice chairman and vice president, 
Inadvertent or not, Japan is providing a starting point for the relentless march of the robots toward total global domination.

Driverless Daimler
Professor Dr Ralf Herrtwich, 
director vehicle automation and chassis systems, Daimler
Mercedes of course has the longest history of any automaker in the world, having built the first ever car in 1879, when Carl Benz created the “Motorwagen”.

Managing cyber risk
Jalal Bouhdada, industrial control systems security consultant, Applied Risk
The internet of things is enabling industry to connect individual robotic and automated work cells with other similar cells to create multicellular organisms within what could now be referred to as “smart factories”, particularly as the factory building itself can be connected to those multicellular organisms operating within its walls.

Making like the Germans
Mike Rigby, head of manufacturing, Barclays Bank UK
It’s a generally accepted notion that when it comes to computer technology, what happens in the US this year is likely to happen in the UK the following year, and then on mainland Europe the year after that. Meaning, Germany is a bit behind the leaders when it comes to IT. That’s the perception some people in the tech industry have anyway.

Virtual assistance
Dennis Mortensen, founder and CEO of
Virtual assistants, or intelligent assistants, are multiplying by the day. Currently there are around a dozen really well-known ones, such as Siri and Cortana, and then there’s several dozen other reasonably well-known ones talking or otherwise communicating their way into the public consciousness.

Robotics and Automation Industry Thought Leaders 3 


Exclusive interviews inside the book… 

Fruit of the Loom
Chris Roberts, head of industrial robotics at Cambridge Consultants

Going offline for good
Albert Nubiola, founder and CEO of RoboDK

Branches of the Redtree
Jason Ernst, CTO, Redtree Robotics

Ahoy there, Robot
Eamon Carrig, 
co-founder and chief roboticist at Autonomous Marine Systems

Shopping with Robot
Wendy Roberts, CEO, Five Elements Robotics

Deciding to do less
Andrew Seddon, CEO, CircuitHub

Full-spectrum vision
Alex Boch, CEO, Panorics