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How to Hire a NET Developer and What He Should Do on the Product

It is necessary to understand the tasks a .NET developer can handle and what they will contribute to your project. This knowledge will empower you to select a truly qualified specialist. The right choice of a .NET developer to implement business tasks is at the intersection of technological competencies and soft skills.

It’s crucial that a person not only excels with code but can also influence the team and understand the business problem, giving you confidence in your hiring decision.

Such a specialist can create an e-commerce platform for the customer. .NET developers also specialize in scalable solutions for enterprise resource planning and other issues.

Understanding these potential tasks and goals will help you hire .net programmers who can deliver the expected results. You can find such specialists on the Huntly platform, which has a pool of IT professionals among whom you can see the ideal candidate for your project.

Who is a .NET Developer, and What Problems Do They Solve?

A .NET developer is a specialist with deep knowledge and experience working with the .NET platform, which Microsoft developed. The platform provides tools for creating various applications – from websites to enterprise systems.

.NET specialists are versatile and can work in different directions, including:

  • enterprise development – backend development of solutions and products for businesses of different sizes, development of corporate portals, ERP, their integration with third-party systems, and microservices;
  • gamedev – development of games and various gamification using Unity;
  • desktop applications for Windows using WPF.

.NET solutions are most often developed for fintech (banks, insurance) and document management systems in companies of various sizes.

.NET development has many significant advantages that have made this direction so popular. The main advantages are:

  • reliability;
  • safety;
  • ease of learning;
  • high performance;
  • cross-platform.

.NET specialists are especially valued. Such developers can create high-quality and functional products for various spheres of human life.

.NET Developer Knowledge Area

The amount of knowledge and skills depends on where you want the specialist to work. However, general requirements can be identified. They look like this:

  • knowledge of the C# programming language;
  • basic knowledge of programming;
  • database knowledge;
  • know object-oriented programming paradigms and design patterns (OOP and OOD).

The specialist must have a sufficient level of English because he will have to read documents and comment on code. This list may expand depending on the project being worked on.

Final words

IT professionals in the .NET field are valued and in demand. However, finding a good performer can be tricky since only some employers have the necessary knowledge and experience that would allow them to check the professionalism of a potential performer.

However, you can use the proven and reliable Huntly platform, which helps anyone in need find IT professionals. The site carefully checks the specialists whose services will be further offered.

Notably, the employer can save significantly because he sets the price that matches his budget and thus selects potential candidates.

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