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Serve Robotics integrates DriveU’s connectivity platform into fleet robots

Serve Robotics, a maker of autonomous delivery robots, has integrated‘s connectivity platform on Serve’s commercially-operated robotic fleet.

Serve will leverage DriveU’s platform to enhance the performance of remote monitoring of its autonomous delivery robots – adding to the suite of tools Serve utilizes as it works to deploy up to 2,000 robots on the Uber Eats platform.

Serve evaluated DriveU alongside competitive offerings and determined that DriveU’s platform provides reliable, low-latency and uninterrupted connectivity that allows robots to share real-time telemetrics, access cloud computing, and enable remote supervision in edge cases.

Serve also values’s native support of the Nvidia Jetson platform, which provides hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding, reduces network bandwidth and latency, and results in better video quality.

Dmitry Demeshchuk, co-founder and vice president of software engineering at Serve, says: “In order to rapidly scale to thousands of robots, Serve needs to leverage the capabilities of world-class technology partners like

“DriveU’s connectivity platform will help us improve the resilience and performance of our fleet, unlock operational efficiencies, and realize economies of scale as we pursue mass market autonomous delivery.”

Alon Podhurst, CEO of, says: “We are thankful for the opportunity to engage as a trusted partner with Serve Robotics.

“ is committed to enabling the large-scale rollout of driverless fleets safely and efficiently. Connectivity is a critical element in every driverless vehicle.

“Our expanding roster of commercial partnerships is a testament to DriveU’s leading position in enabling autonomous vehicle operations.”

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