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AMG tuning: What it is and how it works

It would seem that such a reliable and expensive car as Mercedes does not require tuning. However, there are details that will give it not only individuality but also the dynamics of movement, unique style, luxury with a drop of aggression.

A unique car is simple. What is needed for this? Pay tribute to tradition and trust in the experience of AMG.

AMG is a legendary company that is the gold standard and has been tuning only Mercedes cars for decades, adding unsurpassed technical characteristics. The philosophical views are based on precision, classics, modern styling, and a passion for high-performance VIP-class cars.

About the company

Mercedes-AMG GmbH is the full name of the organization, better known as simply AMG, founded in 1967 and became a division of Mercedes-Benz in 1998.

The organization’s activity is to fine-tune (tuning) production car models of this world-famous German manufacturer, create unique models and represent the interests of the company in motorsport.

The abbreviation AMG is deciphered as follows: A – Aufrecht, M – Melcher (these are the names of the founders of the enterprise), G – the first letter of the name of Aufrecht’s hometown (Grosaspach). The beginning of AMG’s world fame was the victory of their Mercedes-Benz car in a Belgian race in 1971.

Ten years later, AMG commissioned Mercedes-Benz to prepare its own cars for participation in the DTM touring car championship.

Since 1990, AMG and Mercedes-Benz have been jointly developing exclusive Mercedes-Benz models, and in 1998 AMG was transformed into Mercedes-AMG GmbH. To date, this company owns the development and creation of a large number of a wide variety of models.

Concept and main tasks

While fine-tuning production cars, Mercedes-AMG GmbH does not dismantle ready-made models. The company builds its own cars from serial production coming to the assembly line, as well as unique components and parts of its own design.

A set of spoilers, a set of light-alloy wheels, an optical package, a boosted engine – these and other AMG Mercedes parts can now be ordered at the factory and installed on your Mercedes-Benz car, making it exclusive, at the nearest company service like Mercteil AMG Parts or at an authorized dealer.

Mercedes AMG tuning does not mean simply replacing parts or increasing the engine power output of any Mercedes-Benz model.

This is a complete service package that includes the installation of branded AMG Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic body kits, more powerful brakes, suspension, exhaust system, and much more.

High-quality branded components in the most complete range allow you to perform AMG tuning of any degree of complexity and configuration, from the simple installation of AMG kits to complete and deep tuning.

AMG Mercedes parts

The minimum tuning that will visually change the exterior to your liking is wheels.

Tuning the exhaust system will visually enhance the impression of power and strength characteristic of the “muscle car”, improve the exhaust throughput, allow the car to “breathe” more freely and more easily, as well as add engine power up to 15 percent.

AMG aerodynamics package includes spoilers, a bumper with air intakes, sill plates, twin exhaust pipes, 19-inch wheels. All this is in the characteristic AMG style, which gives the car a recognizable sporty-elegant look.

In addition to the aesthetic component (body kits, accessories, and so on), AMG tuning and chip tuning contribute to an increase in steering sensitivity and, accordingly, vehicle maneuverability, provide shorter braking distances and greater braking stability, thus increasing the safety of Mercedes cars -Benz on the road.

The aerodynamic body kit also ennobles and radically changes the “face” of the car, giving a smile, anger, or brutality, depending on the type.

All aerodynamic details are aimed at fulfilling one of the main tasks – to minimize drag at speeds, thereby reducing power loss and increasing downforce. A well-chosen rear trunk spoiler not only decorates but also distributes the load along the axes of your car.

Make it unique

Coming out of AMG tuning, every Mercedes-Benz model is a unique, refined car that not only looks great, but also increases endurance, power, speed, and safety. Tuning by AMG is an exclusive tuning for Mercedes-Benz that allows you to make a standard car unique.

Sedan or coupe, roadster or sports car, station wagon or SUV – AMG works with any option without exception. Tuning from AMG will be an ideal solution for outrageous and conservatives, for those who want not only to attract interest and attention to their car but also improve it, making it truly unique without losing functionality.

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