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Importance of automation for your website & SEO team

The time for the website promotion might range from several days to months. With manual SEO, the implementation of on-page and off-page optimization tasks could be really tedious. Thus, automated SEO is widely used by many webmasters these days.

Owing to SEO automation tools and software, it takes less time and effort for search engine optimization activities. It is sometimes considered that automated SEO could not benefit your website promotion. On the contrary, automatic SEO was believed to be hazardous and even harmful.

However, this statement is far from reality because the effect of automated SEO is the opposite. It helps SEO teams to streamline repetitive tasks, which allows dedicating more time to other important SEO activities.

What is automatic SEO?
The principles of automatic SEO imply the utilization of software to perform daily tasks faster. As a result, effective SEO teams become more productive when using SEO automation tools. Automated SEO considerably reduces the amount of time and resources spent on various SEO activities.

Automated processes provide a possibility for webmasters to spend less time on routine daily tasks. While an SEO expert may spend minutes on finding broken links, for instance, an SEO automation tool can accomplish that in seconds.

How does automated SEO work?
The concept of automated SEO refers to the desktop software and utilities designed to streamline activities dedicated to search engine optimization. Automation tools assist webmasters in repetitive tasks that could be easily systematized. Those are usually related to position tracking, backlink profile analysis, finding broken links, site audit, and reporting.

To get the most benefits out of automation, webmasters first need to decide which processes to streamline. Based on that, dedicated SEO automation tools should be selected for facilitating chosen activities.

While automation takes some weight off your shoulders, SEO experts should keep track of everything. The results provided by SEO automation tools allow for analyzing data and performing a comprehensive audit of the website performance. Based on that, the SEO strategy could be adjusted in order to improve Google rankings.

Is automated SEO better than manual SEO?
Every webmaster should decide on the ratio of the automated and manual SEO activities. It also depends on the business goals, timing, team, and other factors. Anyway, both manual and automated SEO approaches have their advantages and flaws.

Manual SEO
Once the need to optimize websites for search engines appeared, it was primarily associated with manual actions. Every step of an SEO strategy was fully executed by experts without any automation used.

The biggest advantage of manual SEO is that a webmaster has full control over all SEO activities. On the contrary, such actions require a lot of time and effort. As a result, companies have to hire many SEO experts for performing manual optimization, which also results in higher costs.

Automated SEO
Technological development leads to the optimization of processes in various industries. The information provided in these automotive articles proves that automation is inevitable. Not so long ago, automation also took place in the sphere of SEO.

Unlike manual SEO, some tasks for search engine optimization are delegated to SEO automation tools. It helps to save a lot of time and resources for businesses.

At the same time, automated SEO conceals some risks so that webmasters should be very attentive when relying on automatic link building tools, for instance. The algorithms of search engines are extremely smart these days, so you need to perform automated SEO activities in a moderate manner.

SEO automation tools for better Google rankings

There is a variety of SEO automation tools designed to resolve different kinds of tasks. In most cases, they are used for automating such processes as position tracking, site audit, monitoring brand mentions, and analyzing the quality of a backlinking profile.

This tool helps to obtain a comprehensive overview of the website linking profile. It depicts the inbound and outbound links associated with your website. Ahrefs also helps to analyze how backlinks influence your website ranking on Google and other search engines.

Screaming Frog
This desktop application is used for crawling a website and analyzing its technical characteristics. It helps to detect various kinds of errors, including broken links and duplicate content, analyze metadata, and perform a general evaluation of technical SEO.

This tool allows analyzing the keywords you are using and how you rank with them. Also, it depicts how your competitors rank with chosen keywords. This data helps to better understand which keywords perform better and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Little Warden
Website security is the characteristic that Google and other search engines pay attention to in 2021. This factor significantly influences the ranking of the website as the safety of users has become a priority in the online environment.

Little Warden is an SEO automation tool that helps to analyze the security of the website. It performs a check of SSL certificates, sitemap, robots.txt file, 404 errors, and detects whether any malware has affected the website.

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