What could a tech company post on Instagram?

Are you interested in the ever-evolving world of technology and are thinking about starting an Instagram account for it, but don’t know if it will be worth it or if you will gain any success from it?

Do you have a business or brand and are looking for the right niche to post in and want to know if the tech niche is the right one?

Instagram is by far one of the most popular platforms for both businesses and individuals alike. The platform has grown immensely since its launch in 2010 and now has over a billion active monthly users.

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, businesses of big and small come here in order to find great success and the way they do this is by posting within a niche.

Posting within a niche is even more beneficial when using a growth service to gain real Instagram followers, such as Growthoid, since this makes it easier for the team that is handling an account to target specific users.

People use Instagram as a way to see more of their favourite hobbies and interests, and it just so happens that tech is one of the biggest niches that is on the app. Whether you are looking to market your tech company or just show off your favourite items, Instagram is the place for you.

Innovative products
In this ever changing and constantly evolving world, it is clear that we are moving into a more technology forward space and the new inventions and innovative projects that are coming out are revolutionary.

As a regular person who makes use of Instagram on a daily basis, seeing crazy new tech is something that could be mind boggling and so impressive.

To those who are tech buffs and know all about the latest tech, they can find out everything they need just by looking at Instagram and following their favourite pages.

As a tech company there is so much to post, but one of the best things that you could be posting is the innovative and new products that are rolling out, such as self-driving cars, virtual reality and augmented reality gaming, home improvement and AI technology, and so much more.

The possibilities are endless and there is no shortage of people who are interested in the way the world is moving forward.

Behind the scenes
When it comes to Instagram, or even just social media, marketing becomes a little bit different and you can’t just hard sell your products like you would with traditional marketing.

Instagram is a place where people come to be social and find entertainment, and one of the best ways for you to do this is by becoming a lot more personable.

Not only does becoming more personable make it much better for your business when reaching more people and having better relationships with your customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to have so many more options for content.

One of these options includes behind the scenes. As a business, most of the time you will just be trying to sell a product, but there is so much more that you can do to gain the attention of those who fall part of your target audience and niche.

Behind the scenes is not only a great way to become more personable but also have so much more entertaining content and create great relationships with your audience. This could include getting to know the team, funny incidents that happen around the office, or even how products are made or developed.

Hardware updates
Another aspect of the tech world that you could put a heavy focus on when its comes to posting on Instagram, is hardware updates and what it new in the world of technology.

Every year, new technology is rolled out from phones, to laptops, to cameras, and even gaming consoles. By doing this, you are sure to never run out of content or things to focus on within the tech world, and will always find followers that are interested.

You could always include things such as comparisons between the older and newer versions and have reviews on new products to see if they are actually worth it. You could even host interviews with some of the biggest tech leader and get their insight into various new products and how they think the products will do on the market.

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