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Webinar: Safety Standards Update – Collaborative and Autonomous Mobile Robots

Robotics and Automation News is hosting a webinar about collaborative robot safety presented by SICK, on June 24th, at 11 am EST.

SICK is one of the leading providers of sensors for robots. The company’s sensors are in the majority of the new generation of robots in the market today.

In this webinar, Mark Nehrkorn, SICK’s director of safety, will present an update in the safety standards in the field of collaborative and autonomous mobile robots.

Nehrkorn says: “There have been significant safety standards developments in the robotics industry to support new technologies. For industrial collaborative and mobile robots, there is still ongoing work defining safety protocols as these technologies emerge.”

Nehrkorn will provide insights into several new and updated industry consensus standards – ANSI/RIA R15.06 and ISO 10218 have both defined safety protocols surrounding the use of collaborative robots, and ISO/TS 15066 addresses standard safety procedures when installing a collaborative robot system utilizing power and force limiting features.

He will also provide an update on the work towards a new standard, R15.08, relating to Industrial Mobile Robot Safety.

Join us at the webinar by registering at this link: