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Integro Technologies and Universal Robots to launch new 
3D pick-n-place system at South-Tec

Integro Technologies, a certified integrator for Universal Robots, has designed and developed a 3D pick-n-place system that will be displayed at the South-Tech event in Greenville, South Carolina, from October 24-26.

Integro says it realizes that collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots are helping manufacturers step into Industry 4.0 seamlessly and safely.

So, the company has developed a new 3D vision-guided application for random bin picking with UR robots. 

Shawn Campion, CEO of Integro Technologies, says: “The combination of the Universal Robot arm with 3D Vision CAD import capability provides a modular, fast, and highly flexible work cell with minimal software configuration steps to add and qualify new product or assemblies.

“The UR collaborative robot arms are excellent for a wide range of production scenarios, and minimizes or eliminates the need for permanently mounted safety devices.”


The new South-Tec tabletop demo utilizes Universal Robots’ UR3 robot arm paired with a fixed mount Sick 3D Sweeping Laser Topography sensor system.

The integrated system executes random bin picking on sheet metal parts with a reflective finish using a vacuum-end effector.

The Sick 3D vision system is trained using a 3D CAD import functionality for the target parts to be located and picked. The End of Arm Tooling is then imported into the vision system software.

The EOAT import permits the software to account for mechanical restrictions within the dunnage tote during picking operations.

The UR3 robot then picks the parts up and randomly drops them from a variety of positions back into the dunnage tote.

Area Sales Manager with Universal Robots, Brian Dillman, is excited to share the application with the South-Tec audience.

Dillman says: “We see a collaborative robot as a tool on demand as needed – one that can quickly be transitioned between a wide variety of automated tasks.

“Flexibility in manufacturing involves ability to deal with variation in volumes, design and material handling as well as variations in the process sequences.

“We look forward to showcasing these important capabilities at the show.”