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how cdnsun works

Seven things to pay attention to when choosing a CDN vendor


When your site is a slow one, you’re usually recommended to use a Content Delivery Network as it’s considered to be one of the most effective ways to speed up websites. However, it’s not the only benefit you’ll get when applying for CDN services.

Today, we’re going to discuss the main reasons to use a CDN and will give you some tips on how to choose the best CDN vendor. 

A CDN: Why should I try it?

Using a CDN can really speed up your web site as it’s a network of servers scattered around the world and used for storing cached and copied web files.

When you sign up for such kind of service, you buy an opportunity to store your web content on the servers located in the data centers scattered around the world.

Such a simple solution can give you an opportunity “to bring” your web content closer to your final users and transmit it to the end audience at at a high speed.

Among the other reasons to choose a CDN we would mention the following:

» A CDN can give you an opportunity to enhance your SEO ratings. If you’re looking to get more visitors, you should be ranked highly by Google, Bing or any other search engine system. As a matter of fact, these search engines really like to “deal” with speedy online resources, and usually rank very poorly slow sites.

» You can save some money on hosting expenditures. Choosing the right hosting plan can really help you cut down your expenses. For instance, you may start dealing with a CDN company and use its network of servers to host your web content in foreign countries).

» You get a speedy connection with a CDN. Website owners who use their online platforms to stream some videos often require a reliable and speedy connection. They can try a CDN as it’s a network of servers, and if the initial server comes down, they can easily use another one from the network to keep their websites running.

This is only a short list of advantages you may get from using a CDN. However, a Content Delivery Network, or a CDN, isn’t a free service. You need to find a suitable company that would supply you with appropriate quality of services.

Now, we’re going to give you some tips and clues on how to do it.

how cdnsun works

7 clues on how to find a suitable CDN company

If you search for a CDN provider, you need to choose a suitable company from the number of enterprises that provide similar services. Here are some criteria to pay attention to while making your final decision.

1» Check your web performance while choosing a CDN vendor

When you deal with a CDN company, you usually do this to speed up your website. Most of CDN vendors provide their clients with a free trial period. You can use this period to assess your web performance and see whether the services of the particular company suit you or not.

2» Choose a CDN vendor with an appropriate network of services

Using CDN services means letting your web content be copied and stored on the servers placed in special data centers. Such data centers are called Points of Presence or PoPs. When you choose a suitable CDN company, we recommend you to check the number of PoPs the company owns.

3» Check the map of PoPs

You should do this as data centers where CDN companies store the files of their clients are usually scattered around the world so you must be 100% sure that the company you’ve got interested in has a PoP in the location where your target audience resides.

4» Find a suitable package of services

While looking for an appropriate CDN vendor, you might notice that most of CDN companies are ready to provide a standard list of services. However, some of the companies are ready to pet their clients with some unique offers. When you choose a CDN company, try to decide whether you need such services or not before signing up a contract.

5» Pay attention to the pricing plan

No one wants to spend much on purchasing various services, so it’s quite obvious that you’ll be looking for a company with a affordable pricing plan. Though the initial pricing plans for CDN services may seem quite standard, we recommend you not to let the initial pricing information influence your final decision.

6» Choose the right type of CDN services

While choosing an appropriate CDN vendor, you may get to know that there are two types of CDN services:

» A push CDN: When you use such kind of services, you let your users upload the web files directly to the CDN and use a link; and

» A pull CDN: You leave the content on the original server and rewrite its URL to point to the CDN.

Choose a CDN company with a friendly support service.

When you look for a CDN company, you need to find the one with the friendliest and most useful support service.

We recommend you to use CDNsun – best CDN vendor.