Top 10 graphics processing unit manufacturers: Nvidia clearly in the lead

The whole world seems set on a course which will take everyone into a highly automated, robotic and artificially intelligent future. 

And much of the hardware used in the vehicles driving us to that utopia-like future is being supplied by Nvidia.

By many expert accounts, the chipmaker has taken a clear lead in the chip market and its processors are often the first choice for engineers building solutions in virtually all the current breakthrough technologies – from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous cars.  Continue reading Top 10 graphics processing unit manufacturers: Nvidia clearly in the lead

AMD claims it has 83 per cent of global VR systems market

amd liquidvr
AMD LiquidVR

AMD claims it virtually owns the virtual reality systems market with a whopping 83 per cent market share. And yet the chipmaker says it is looking to further consolidate its dominance. 

AMD has revealed new advances in hardware and software to further the reach of VR, and unveiled its new GPU certified program that simplifies adoption of VR technology for consumers and content creators.

“AMD continues to be a driving force in virtual reality,” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD.

“We’re bringing the technology to more people around the world through our efforts to expand the VR ecosystem with VR i-Cafés in China, new Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, and a wide variety of content partners in gaming, entertainment, education, science, medicine, journalism and several other exciting fields.”

AMD says it is also making VR more easily accessible to consumers and content creators with its GPU certified program featuring the new Radeon VR Ready Premium and Radeon VR Ready Creator tiers. Its forthcoming Polaris GPUs and AMD LiquidVR technology will “simultaneously advance groundbreaking VR-optimized graphics”, says the company.

AMD and Associated Press launch virtual reality channel

AMD and the Associated Press have launched a new channel which puts viewers in the middle of events and environments through the wonders of virtual reality technology.

Some might say this is a worrying development, something that might encourage journalists and camera operators to put themselves in increasingly dangerous situations to give viewers exclusive and authentic coverage of events.

It might also escalate demand for ever more shocking pictures of war and other tragic events and developments around the world.  Continue reading AMD and Associated Press launch virtual reality channel