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Techman Robot unveils new ‘all-in-one’ palletizing solution

Techman Robot has unveiled a new “all-in-one” palletizing solution.

The company launched the new product at an appearance at the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition.

This year, in addition to the built-in TM vision system of its human and robot collaborative robot, Techman Robot released an all-in-one application-based solution, the TM Palletizing Operator.

It is an integrated intelligent palletizing solution that reduces programming effort.

Techman Robot also launched a new software-based solution, the TMmanager, an intelligent factory management system that connects all robotic arms and factory equipment to help businesses to march into the era of smart manufacturing.

TM Palletizing Operator, the new release from the TM Operator series, is a plug-and-play operation system unit exclusively for smart palletizing.

With built-in guiding software, it can assists users to quickly set up the palletizing specifications, carry out palletizing simulations and collision testing beforehand, and shorten the duration of pallet setting from roughly six months to only five minutes.

TM Robot’s all-in-one palletizing solution is certified by CE 13849-1, and it is also the first complete solution of palletizing system modules in Taiwan to obtain the ISO 10218-2, an international third-party safety certificate.

This solution can be applied to warehousing, logistics, food, and manufacturing industries.

AI robotic arm: Barcode reading, material sorting for packaged clothes

In addition to the built-in intelligent vision that assists in sorting applications, Techman Robot applies the AI detection technology to packaged clothing and identifies the clothing label.

With the camera’s wide view, the AI vision can accurately identify the placement, type and size of the clothing, while overcoming the plastic package reflective lights as a challenge, which the past technologies cannot do.

TM Robot’s built-in vison system can scan, read, recognize, and send the item information to the factory’s management system for quick categorization and sorting, this drastically increases the factory’s efficiency and process yield.

Other exhibition applications are equipped with the TM Plug&Play, a force sensor for grinding and polishing with controlled intensity that can complete complex curves and curved surfaces.

TM 3DVision, the built-in 3D visual function inside the TMflow man-machine interface and robotic control box, has removed the necessity of extra controller integration and can conduct deep box picking with its intelligent collision detection.

In addition to industrial applications, TMmanager it can be combined with intelligent coffee ordering system to manage the robotic arm work status in real time, customize inventory and sales reports, and deliver intelligent catering service.

There is a section of cobots where visitors can learn to complete a programming task in only five minutes with pull-out guidance to experience the most intelligent, simple and safe TM Robot.

In July 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced enforcement of a mechanical safety certification that is more draconian than those of the EU, the United States, and Japan.

As the world’s first cobot with built-in vision, TM Robot is also the first in Taiwan to obtain the TS safety mark.

While assisting enterprises of different industries to implement automatic production, Techman Robot also focuses on the occupational safety of factory employees.

According to Techman Robot, besides the existing cobot solution, they will continue to develop new products like TMmanager, to help businesses to break away from the bottleneck of automation and close the gap between traditional manufacturing and smart manufacturing.

TMmanager provides visualized data of the factory’s production processes and also includes an automatic management system for real-time machine monitoring and data analysis.

The exclusive robotic management system of TMmanager can be connected with TM Robot to monitor the operation of the robotic arm and has various functional modules, for example the Shop Floor Control System (SFC System) to effectively manage automatic machines at the factory.

With its user-friendly, high-value, and great application flexibility, TMmanager provides a well-rounded intelligent management solution for manufacturing factories in the era of Industry 4.0.

In response to the ever-increasing automation needs for solutions, the TM automation team has been established to create complete one-stop guidance solution services covering preliminary assessment, process design, system bidding, online commissioning, and aftersales service.

As well as to remarkably reduce the integration duration, labor cost, and construction of a new automatic integration system to help businesses maximize their capacity and grasp the opportunity of Industry 4.0.

With extensive experience in automation, support by strong R&D and automation team of nearly 100 members, and capability of serving the world’s famous major automobile and electronics manufacturers, Techman Robot provides professional automation import services for comprehensive value-added integration.