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CP Technologies claims to be ‘first’ rugged computer manufacturer to expand into full rack integration

CP Technologies, a provider of ruggedized computers, is claiming to have become the “first” rugged computer manufacturer to expand into full rack integration. 

The company’s president and CEO, Mike McCormack, gave Robotics and Automation News an interview some time before the latest development in which he explained that the company’s background in the military is useful for the industrial and commercial markets. (See video below.)

For over 20 years, CP Technologies – formerly Chassis Plans – has been designing and manufacturing computers, servers, LCD displays, storage arrays, and human interface devices to defense and industrial customers.

CP Technologies is now expanding to offer hardware integration, including full racks and transit cases, in addition to continuing to offer individual components.

CP Technologies is the first rugged computer and displays manufacturer to expand into integration, creating a new opportunity for the industry to reduce cost and lead times while improving compatibility.

The Company will also be managing obsolescence and revision control, while assuring the entire system meets Military Standards (Mil-STDs).

With this new structure, Department of Defense (DoD) end users and Defense Primes will be able to deliver complete products faster and cheaper than before, with guaranteed compatibility.

CP Technologies will be offering full customer systems with one part number with revision control of all sub-components.

Systems will be loaded with a basic operating system and will provide complete documentation to support the system, including a full drawing package.

McCormack says: “Previously, the DoD end user or Prime would specify the hardware vendor and then select an integrator to integrate the hardware and customer specified systems into a rack with specific structured cabling, slides and cable management.

“CP Technologies recognized that this added a layer of cost, additional logistical costs, increased lead times, and enormous configuration issues as the integrator has to assure compatibility of hardware, configuration management, revision control and obsolescence management.

“With our new model, we estimate a 20 percent cost savings for DoD end users and Primes while decreasing lead times and improving overall compatibility.”

As part of this new model, CP Technologies now offers a comprehensive Integration Service that provides the computer, LCD display, storage, keyboard, network switches, routers and power management devices including UPS and PDUs in either a transit case or 19” rack.