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Robotiq releases updated version of its collaborative robots ebook

robotiq cobot ebook

Robotiq has updated what it says is one of its “most read” ebooks, and has made it downloadable for free.

This is the seventh update of Robotiq’s Collaborative Robots Buyer’s Guide, and it’s available free at the company’s website.

Robotiq says the guide provides a clear view of what’s available, so manufacturers who are thinking about adding a robot to their production floor, as well as those who plan on expanding automation in their factory, will see which model of collaborative would best fit their requirements. 

The ease of programming and many safety features of collaborative robots are getting noticed by people from every industry, says Robotiq.

Collaborative robots are an increasingly popular alternative to larger, heavier and harder to program industrial robots, and are designed to work closely with humans.

Many manufacturers have jumped into this emerging market. This new update by Robotiq aims to help the end-users to see clear through the expanding offer.

To showcase the strengths and weaknesses of each cobot, the Robotiq team included a comparative chart for technical features.

The main characteristics, like the payload and the price, are mentioned for each model.

Robotiq experts also rated the cobots on ease of programming and application fit. They also pointed the industries in which each model would be useful.

Also, there are some predictions about what’s coming next in the technology: future perspectives, new models and new players that are entering this “expanding, promising market”, says Robotiq.