ABB makes SafeMove2 control software available on the IRB 1200 industrial robot

ABB IRB 1200 Robot

Monitoring and control software now comes with company’s smallest material and machine tool handling robot 

ABB Robotics says SafeMove2 is now also available for IRB 1200, the smallest ABB robot to feature its advanced safety-certified monitoring and control software.

SafeMove2 enables people to work safely alongside ABB robots with payloads ranging from 6kg to 800kg without compromising productivity.

It also provides an optimum level of collaboration and flexibility to higher speed and throughput applications which typically require more insular, intrusive levels of safety. 

SafeMove2 simplifies production scenarios and provides tools that speed the commissioning workflow for faster set-up and validation.

The innovative software option also integrates safety fieldbus connectivity into ABB’s IRC5 robot controller family as well as the IRC5 Single, Compact and Paint controllers.

Dr Hui Zhang, head of product management, at ABB Robotics, says: “The trend towards manufacturing in smaller lots of greater mix means people are coming closer to production equipment in more sporadic and intermittent ways – changing programing, bringing different materials or inspecting new processes. It is simply not productive to stop a line every time a person steps in.

“SafeMove2 allows robots and operators to work more collaboratively and closer together by restricting robot motion to precisely what is needed for a specific application.”

First introduced in 2014, the IRB 1200 – the smallest robot in its class – addresses the needs of the material handling and machine tending industries.

The robot comes in two variants which can handle a wide range of applications; the 700 mm reach variant can handle payloads of up to 7 kg, while the longer reach 900 mm variant can handle payloads up to 5 kg.

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