Stäubli launches new collaborative industrial robot

staubli tx cobot TX2-60

Stäubli has unveiled a new collaborative robot which it says represents the company’s “next generation of fast and precise 6-axis robots”. 

Stäubli is releasing two models of the TX2 – the TX2-60 and the TX2-60L. The specifications are listed below.

staubli teach pendant

Gerald Vogt, Stäubli Robotics general manager, Germany, says: “The new machines are lighter in weight and therefore more dynamic and more energy efficient.

“Safety was a main criterion for the development team.

“In this regard, it has been possible to integrate pioneering safety features that present new scope for human-machine co-operation.

“The TX2 generation is opening up new areas in which man and machine will be able to work hand in hand in the future.”

Degrees of freedom66
Nominal load capacity3.5 kg2 kg
Maximum load capacity*9 kg5 kg
Reach at wrist670 mm 920 mm
Repeatability ±0.02 mm±0.03 mm
Protection class (*wrist)IP65 (*IP67)IP65 (*IP67)
Attachment methodsFloor, wall or ceillingFloor, wall or ceilling
Stäubli CS9 series controllerCS9CS9
* with specific configurations

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