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Mantaro launches ‘rugged’ telepresence robot for industrial settings

mantaro telepresence robot teletrak

Mantaro says its MantaroBot TeleTrak telepresence robot is designed for rugged industrial, manufacturing and construction environments

Mantaro, a developer of mobile telepresence products, has launched a new addition to the MantaroBot TelePresence Robot lineup, the MantaroBot TeleTrak.

With the introduction of a tracked based drive system, Mantaro says the user can drive the TeleTrak to monitor projects in rugged terrain and dynamic environments remotely, locations they could not do so before. 

Mantaro claims TeleTrak opens up the world of mobile telepresence to the industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments as users can can now remotely traverse uneven terrain, steps, and obstacles as high as 4″ tall. Watch a short video of the TeleTrak telepresence robot.

Mantaro’s director, Kamal Kapadia, says: “Mantaro is continuing to pioneer new approaches to mobile telepresence.

“The use of mobile telepresence is no longer confined to just flat environments like the office or classroom. Construction and manufacturing superintendents, project managers and engineers can obtain the ground truth of any situation by interacting with people and direct observation without actually going there.

“The TeleTrak brings telepresence to customers in industrial manufacturing, hydroponics, construction, and security sectors allowing their remote employees to quickly resolve ‘on site’ issues.”

The TeleTrak uses an articulated three-sectioned tracked platform that allows the mobile telepresence robot to easily traverse rough terrain and drive over obstacles.

Each section articulates while climbing over obstacles to keep its stability with ease. A shock mounted suspension system helps to isolate track motion from the robots head and arm minimizing vibration.

The TeleTrak includes front and rear cliff detection sensors underneath that will auto-stop the drive system when a cliff is detected. For use in unlit or low-light environments, the TeleTrak is equipped with powerful LED headlights on the base and on the head.

Additionally, the TeleTrak is equipped with three cameras (head, inspection/arm, base) allowing the remote user to get a full view of the environment.

Both the head camera and arm camera pan and tilt to see around the TeleTrak while the front facing base camera includes a wide angle lens for ease of use while driving.

There are several options for controlling the MantaroBot TeleTrak. A gamepad style dual joystick controller, can independently control the dual tracks, move the arm and control other capabilities of the robot. Other control options are also available including mouse, keyboard or mobile device depending on the user’s preference.