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EPHJ: Nominees for Exhibitors’ Award for 2018 unveiled

The Jury of the Exhibitors’ Award for 2018 at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, the international high-precision trade show, has selected six innovative projects from the numerous applications submitted for consideration.

These six nominated projects will now be put to a vote by the 800 exhibitors of EPHJ-EPMT-SMT who elect the Grand Laureate 2018. The winner will be unveiled on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the opening day of the show. 

The six companies that have been selected by the Jury are the following (for more information click on the link):

Acquandas is a technology company that manufactures a new generation of metal components for applications in medical devices as well as in other types of products.

Axxios Technology, is a company that markets high-tech innovations to increase efficiency and performance in various sectors of activity and whose aim is to provide an innovative solution to problematic and harmful vibratory fields.

CristalTech is the first and only company to market precious metal crystals for high-quality watchmaking and jewellery.

Optec Laser Systems is a world leader in the conception and design of advanced laser micro-machining tools.

SY&SE Microsystem Technologies is a start-up of the High School Arc Engineering (HE-ARC) specialized in the assembly of glasses and ceramics to metals. The Start-UP offers feasibility tests developed using the materials and products of its customers according to precise and detailed specifications.

Vulkam (amorphous metal), is a company that industrialized “amorphous” or “metal glass” metals that have extreme properties, coupled with an out-of-the-ordinary formatting capability. Vulkam proposes to adapt the formulation of the metal to the industrial needs or a unique micro-moulding process.

The organisers say these European companies have each submitted “a very innovative project” that has captured the Jury’s attention due to the added value it contributes to their individual technological sector or in a more transversal way across all high-tech industries exhibiting at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT.