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6 Steps to a Safe Machine, by SICK Sensor Intelligence


This guide shows you various ways in which you can safeguard machinery and protect people against accidents taking into account the applicable laws, regulations, directives, and standards.

The examples and statements given are the result of SICK’s many years of practical experience and are to be considered generic, not specific, applications.

This guide describes the legal requirements relating to machinery in North America and their implementation. The safety requirements relating to machinery in other regions (for example, Europe and Asia) are described in separate versions of this guide.

This guide is aimed at manufacturers, operating organizations, designers, system engineers, and all individuals who are responsible for machine safety.


Weighing in at almost 200 pages, 6 Steps to a Safe Machine goes through all the details of providing a safe working environment for employees.

Starting with laws and standards, the guide goes through risk assessment and safe design, and ends with subjects such as machine validation and deployment.

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