8 Never Told Benefits of Making a Whiteboard Animation Video

In the world of marketing and sales, where innovation and creativity reign supreme, whiteboard animation videos have emerged as the future’s shining star.

They are like water to green plants, a source of life and growth for businesses. The more you explore the potential of whiteboard animation, the more you realize its incredible impact.

That’s why companies are increasingly turning to whiteboard animation videos to elevate their digital presence.

If you’re familiar with the concept of custom whiteboard animation, then you just landed right!

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of whiteboard animation and pinpoint some of the most remarkable benefits any business can reap from its use.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a captivating process that involves presenting a story through hand-drawn pictures on a whiteboard.

This method is used for communication and advertising, offering a unique way to engage viewers by creating content right before their eyes.

Whiteboard animation videos are thought as remarkable tool for educating an audience on a topic. If you want your viewers to build some basic understanding around a topic, then whiteboard animation can be perfectly useful. It can help simplify complex ideas with the use of real-time content creation, which again is remarkable.

Painting of scenes in real-time using whiteboard technique not only draws high-level interest, but also increases dwell time on video page, which in turn enhances SEO, allowing you to outrank competitors and build a quality audience.

Research suggests that visual content is processed a staggering 60,000 times more easily than plain text. If you want your message to resonate effortlessly with your audience, customizing a whiteboard animation video is the way to go.

When to Opt for Whiteboard Animation

Before we dive into the benefits of whiteboard animation, let’s address when it’s the right time to use this captivating method:

One primary benefit of using whiteboard animation is the simplification of concepts. It is the ideal tool when you’ve something that needs to be explained in the simplest, yet elegant way.

For example, most people have no clue how crypto works. So, a whiteboard animation might just work wonders to break it down and infuse the message.

Emphasizing Written Words

If you want to highlight specific concepts through written phrases and keywords, whiteboard animation is an excellent option. The power of explanatory words is harnessed effectively through this style.

For Longer Explanations: When you need to create a video longer than 90 seconds, whiteboard animation keeps the content engaging while delivering the message directly.

Now that we’ve covered when to use whiteboard animation, let’s explore the eight compelling benefits that inspire businesses to embrace this captivating video style:

1. Generate Organic Traffic

Whiteboard animation videos are known to reduce website bounce rates and attract organic traffic from search engines like Google.

When these videos are integrated into your website, people tend to spend more time on it compared to sites without such engaging content.

Research shows that people spend 2.6 times more time on websites with videos, making whiteboard videos an excellent choice for increasing your website’s conversion rate.

2. Grab Viewer’s Attention

In a digital world where capturing a visitor’s attention is a daunting task, whiteboard animation videos come to the rescue. They effectively captivate your audience’s attention, whether it’s about your brand, product, or services.

This results in a higher call-to-retention ratio, benefitting your business’s bottom line.

3. Easy Explanation

Whiteboard animation videos provide a simple and engaging way to explain your products or services.

People enjoy watching entertaining and informative videos, making it the ideal medium for organizations to convey their company story and ideas.

4. Build a Strong Connection

Whiteboard animation videos are incredibly effective in building stronger bonds with your audience. People love to watch and learn from fun, engaging videos, and whiteboard videos excel in this category.

The more you connect with your audience, the easier it becomes to capture leads and nurture customer relationships.

5. Usability Across Platforms

The flexibility of whiteboard animation videos is one of their most compelling features. In addition to this, the whiteboard animation cost is also quite reasonable when compared with other forms of video, produced to educate and inform an audience.

When it comes to using whiteboard animation, know that these are not just for your website’s product pages, but you can also share these across your social channels, particularly YouTube and LinkedIn, where the viewer is more likely to have the intent to digest small chunks of meaningful information in short amount of time.

So, the more you use whiteboard animation, the better. Whiteboard animation is also told to have impacted ROI for brands video content significantly.

6. Increase Conversions

Whiteboard videos are expertly designed to capture viewer attention and convert them into loyal customers. While capturing a visitor’s eyes is one thing, converting them into customers is another challenge altogether.

Whiteboard videos bridge this gap by connecting with the audience on a deeper level, making conversion an achievable goal.

7. High Click-Through Rate

Studies indicate that people are more likely to click on whiteboard animation videos. By incorporating whiteboard animation into your content strategy, you can inspire more clicks.

Remember, a higher number of clicks translates to increased traffic and improved conversions. If you aim to achieve high click-through rates and substantial website traffic, whiteboard videos are your answer.

8. Highly Trending and Shareable

Staying current with trends and showcasing your products and services in ways that align with people’s preferences increases the chances of conversions.

Whiteboard animation videos are always trending and receive a considerable number of organic views on platforms like YouTube.

They are not only a great way to grab viewers’ attention but are also highly shareable on social sites, driving traffic to your website and product pages.

The Final Say

Whiteboard animation videos are not just a novel approach to boosting sales; they are a vital marketing asset that leaves a profound and lasting impact on all aspects of your business.

If you’re new to creating whiteboard videos, consider leveraging ROI-focused whiteboard video creation services, like ours.

We provide eye-catching whiteboard videos that are not only affordable but also optimized for your products.

In summary, whiteboard animation videos offer a unique way to engage, captivate, and convert your audience. Embrace this powerful tool to unlock the hidden potential of your business.

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