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nitco Landoll-PT40-Precision-Telehandler-in-Action

New Nitco solutions feature collaborative robotics and automation technology

nitco Landoll-PT40-Precision-Telehandler-in-Action

Northland Industrial Truck (Nitco) has created a new division to concentrate on collaborative robotics and automation technologies. 

Nitco, which has been in business nearly 50 years, says its new strategic accounts division will “focus on many things including disruptive technology, innovation, fuel sources, automation, and cobotics”. 

Collaborative robotics, or cobotics, describes how the integration of robotic equipment coexists with people in the workplace. 

Robotics lends itself to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, retail, utilities, and more. 

Robotics offer consistency, efficiency, safety, productivity in everyday work and frees workers to do other tasks that cannot be automated.  

A very important factor in the use of robotics is the advantageous return on investment. 

There are many factors to consider when thinking about robotics, including the size of the operation, the physical building, the number of locations within North America and across the globe, how they currently do business, their growth plans and the financial state of their business. 

Robotics is a tool of change that brings businesses growth and profitability to levels that may not normally be in their radar or comfort zone. 

Applications by Balyo and the “Weasel” by SSI Schaefer are examples of how cobotics lend themselves to Industrial applications. 

In many applications, an automated system can increase input, output and expedite finished product. It is a natural partner of good supply chain management – the process of moving/handling raw materials through to finished goods – from origin to consumption. 

The more knowledge and information a business gathers, the more they are challenged to change the status quo. 

“To grow a business beyond its current state, one must open their mind to change,” says a spokesperson for Nitco. 

The internet offers businesses the opportunity to learn about new products and applications. 

Nitco is offering advice on developing robotics and automation technologies application for industry. Its Marcus Warner, director of strategic accounts says the company has decades of experience to offer. 

“We can help in identifying specific challenges, high-level consultative value planning and the development of an indispensable relationship,” says Warner. 

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