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Kuka’s new KR 3 AGILUS small robot

Kuka launches new version of Agilus small industrial robot

Kuka’s new KR 3 AGILUS small robot
Kuka’s new KR 3 Agilus small robot

Kuka has introduced the newest member of its KR Agilus family of small robots. The company says the “extremely compact” KR 3 Agilus completes the series of small robots.

The KR 3 Agilus is used for production applications where very short cycle times and maximum output are required, such as assembling small components, performing handling tasks, screw fastening, brazing, adhesive bonding, packaging, testing and inspecting.

Kuka says the new Agilus family of small robots enables automation in cells with dimensions of 600 x 600 mm. 

Like the larger models in the KR Agilus series, the KR 3 Agilus is characterized by “impressive speed and precision”, says Kuka, adding that the new robot is even more compact, however, and “an ideal solution” for small cell concepts such as those required in the computers, communications and consumer electronics market.

Its “intelligent design” means the KR 3 Agilus is “cost-efficient, requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable”, says Kuka.

With a payload capacity of 3 kg and a reach of 540 mm, Kuka says it is “ideally suited” for meeting the needs of diverse sectors, particularly one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for automation: the electronics industry.

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