apple liam robot

Apple robot plunders $40 million worth of gold from discarded iPhones

apple liam robot
The Apple Liam robot deconstructs iPhones and saves components and materials for recycling

An Apple master robot with 29 arms and modules has looted $40 million worth of gold from discarded iPhones, according to a report by CNN

The exverimental robot, named Liam, is reportedly able to disassemble an iPhone and recover all of the components and materials inside within 11 seconds.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, says Liam is designed to help recover and recycle material, as part of the company’s eco-friendly policies, or a “circular economy”, as Jackson calls it.

Apple is said to be using 100 per cent renewable power in 25 countries including the US and China.

Liam is currently operating in California and the Netherlands, and Apple plans to introduce the robot into other territories around the world.

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